this cream is helping me with my severe muscle pain

Dear Darcy,

Oh, my gosh, you are so kind and your product is amazing.  I have suffered from severe chronic pain for 44 years after a freak accident when I was 14 years old.  I made a decision when none of the medical doctors could figure out how to help me to NOT go on drugs because I would certainly have become a drug addict.  Instead, I have used many forms of alternative care over the years, which has been costly, but helpful to a certain extent.

Last week, I ordered your small jar of Hemp Eaze and you shipped it  quickly.  I can’t believe how much this cream is helping me with my severe muscle pain..I’m so impressed with your product and know that this will help me ride in the car more comfortably.  

I took up photographing rural architecture about 20 years ago and it is my passion and my meditation.  My day job is an IT Management job, so it is fast-paced and stressful at times.  So the photography keeps me sane.  However, trips on the backroads are sometimes very painful.  This is going to help so much.  I wish I had found out about you sooner.

Again, thank you for being so kind.