Yellowjacket sting prompts discovery

Chico HolisticHealthcare

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Hemp Eaze

 near Chico, CA

Hi Darcy, I’m playing “Dr., heal thy self.” I was stung three times on the throat and collarbone by a Yellowjack while driving Sunday. I had an allergic reaction. Here it is Tuesday, and I still have a huge welt. It itches like blue blazes! BUT… to control the itching and bring down the swelling, I am using Hemp Eaze on it. The Hemp Eaze Therapy Cream works well; but surprisingly, the Baby and Me Cream works even better!

Often, we are asked in the office “Is there really any difference between the two creams?” I can certainly answer with authority now, THERE SURE IS! You had better believe we recommend this Cream for our patients with babies!

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