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Headshop, Smartshop, Seedshop & Healthshop Apollyon since 2003

located in the south of Rotterdam, has a wide range in the area of recreational weed, medical marijuana, medical cannabis oil, such as CBD oil and hemp seed oil+, tobacco, and (smart) drugs related items. Items that can provide medical help, mental relaxation, or just literally make you go berserk. Whether you want to relax with a water pipe or give your mental or visual consciousness a boost, with Headshop, Smartshop & Seedshop Apollyon you can buy a variety of products that best fit your needs. Most of these products are available elsewhere in the world but you may need a medical marijuana card to purchase them. Sites like https://myfloridagreen.com/medical-marijuana-card-florida can assistant someone in getting a medical marijuana card but trying it at this store first can prove if it’s worth the use.

Some people are sceptical about trying CBD oils and products derived by hemp, especially with the stigma that surrounds it, so before trying any products, it’s perfectly normal to want to Read more about what the effects may be when using these products and products alike. Recent research has shown that CBD products can be beneficial to those suffering from mental health problems, like depression and anxiety as well as those with illnesses like epilepsy, chronic pain and a whole host more. Products derived from hemp and marijuana, as well as magic mushrooms from places like https://originmushrooms.com can also help anyone relax and loosen up too.

The products at the store (also online) are fully legal and legally allowed to sell from the Netherlands*. Including the full line of Hemp-EaZe Body Care Products.

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Headshop, Smartshop & Seedshop Apollyon offers a wide range of products such as cannabis seeds, bongs, medical marijuana, hemp oil, magic mushrooms, magic mushroom capsules, truffles, psychedelics and a lot of rasta, Hemp-EaZe Products, and 420 items.

Apollyon Headshop & Smartshop

Dordtsestraatweg 434a

3075BK Rotterdam, Netherlands

10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Phone +31 10 486 6605

Email info@apollyon-shop.nl

Website http://www.apollyon.nl

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