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Healthy Headie Lifestyle.

OUR FOUNDING HEADIES: It all began about a decade ago, a small seed was planted by two young eager minds that grew into a passion and has now been cultivated into a lifestyle. Through involvement in advocacy groups, hands on experience and specific industry classes, the two founding Headies continued and expanded their expertise and resources.

Soon family and friends began asking questions about the health benefits of cannabis. Wanting to know how to prevent and cure cancer, heal themselves, their children; the Headies received questions about everything and anything pertaining to the miracle plant.

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The Headies became a voice for those who were not comfortable or worried about what society’s thoughts or perception would be, because of a stigma that still lives today around what is essentially, a weed. Or for those who can’t speak out because of the fact that federally, this plant, which was used in the majority of the medicine and pharmaceuticals prior to 1937 in the United States, is illegal. If you wanted to get your hands on weed legally, you will need to go to Canada. The harlequin strain canada is a great according to my Canadian friends.

As more evidence, scientific research and the shift in mainstream coverage continued to prove the positive benefits of the cannabis plant and medically grown plants like this tom ford strain and so many others, it was time for them to launch. OUR MISSION is to provide tools, resources and information to people interested in cannabis for their health. is the platform to share resources for alternative information, awareness and knowledge. We welcome you!

We provide resources, tools and information for cannabis patients through a secure and professional customer service focused model call today 617-231-6363

Mission To create a Healthy Headie Lifestyle for all! Providing information, tools and resources pertaining to medical cannabis.

Company Overview We are a lifestyle brand, supporting headie products and services.

We also provide education, tools and accessories for qualified medical cannabis patients. Description

We provide resources, tools and information for cannabis patients through a secure and professional customer service focused model.

If you have questions about:

– Obtaining a letter of recommendation

– Choosing the best methods of ingestion Safe and secure demonstration of equipment, including vaporizers and other and apparatuses.

Try it before you buy it.

-Tools, accessories and more! We can also offer cultivation direction for qualified patients. Call or email today 617-231-6363 We support a movement of conscious consumption, sustainability and responsibility.

We support and share products, services and companies that that share our values.

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