Hemp Premier CBD Meds, Tennessee

A leader in Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Biodegradable Products.


Mission Statement: Hemp Premier CBD Meds is committed to providing superior hemp products, leaving the smallest environmental footprint as possible and ensuring that local economy benefits from or business. Founded on the principles of environmental protection, fair trade and corporate responsibility, we actively promote sustainability.

Hemp Premier CBD Meds in the United States of America, is a pioneer in the sales of hemp based products and we are industry leader in the efforts to improve corporate responsibility and transparency in the manufacturing process and labelling.

George and his dedicated staff procure, import and distribute and array of products to the public here and abroad. Georges’s expertise in all aspects of the hemp trade and his dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices is reflected in the company’s products and work culture.


What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, the most prominent naturally-occurring cannabinoid around in Industrial Hemp, and is used in Bulk CBD products, as well as others. It comprises up to 40% of the plant. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid devoid of the psychoactive (THC) effect, it will NOT get you high and is not to be confused with marijuana. CBD is by far the most studied natural cannabinoid ever discovered. Cannabidiol CBD) is a natural constituent of the Industrial Hemp Plant that promotes and supports the nutritional health of aging bodies. (Source/ US Patent #6,630,507 The United States Of America as represented by The Department Of Health and Human Services.)

Cannabinoids are antioxidants and neuroprotectants. The natural CBD in the Industrial Hemp Plant aids the body by naturally boosting the immune system. It kick starts the immune system into helping the body heal itself without dangerous drugs and narcotics. That’s why we’re a pioneer and an advocate for medical CBD, CBD products and will happily improve educational and product marketing for cbd and its manufacturers!

HEMP PREMIER CBD MEDS offers three ways in which you can aid your own body to heal itself with CBD. It is offered as an edible in oils and candies. It can be vaporized as an oil or wax and is also offered in oils lotions, salve, shampoo and a variety of other products that can be applied to the body or eaten. If you’re wanting to look into other CBD products further, and perhaps even different cultivation companies that can create different CBD medicines with varying potencies and percentages, you could visit page similar to this for reviews into different farms and producers.

Is it legal? YES!

Cannabidiol (CBD) found in the Industrial Hemp Plant is recognized by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as a food supplement. It is legal federally and in all 50 states – take this cbd oil ohio guide as an example of how widely it’s been accepted in certain areas – as well as 40 different countries.

Will CBD help me?

While each individual is unique in their own way it has benefited a great number of people who have tried and are using it. We encourage you to do your own research though. Please ask us questions or visit our website for more information at WWW.HEMPPREMIERCBDMEDS.COM or call us at (904) 662-7792