Hempucation • Quincy, Massachusetts

New England Grass Roots Institute Supports Hemp-EaZe

1458 Hancock Street

Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

Phone (617) 471-4200

Email info@grassroot420.com

Website http://www.grassroot420.com


We are New England Grass Roots Institute, a Medicinal Cannabis Holistic Learning Center. We are Empowering the Patient with Peace, Health and Understanding. We are Patients, Caretakers and Activists Mission To educate, network and support our fellow patients, caretakers and activists.

Description We provide basic medicinal cannabis education as well as advanced classes. We are currently enrolling for The Basic 8 Week Semester and One Day “Basic Grow” Class and One Day “Build a Grow Room” class and The Professional Caregivers Seminar and Cooking with Cannabis Products. If you’re looking to start your own cannabis business you need to know all the ins and outs such as cannabis procurement, using a marijuana point of sale, state and federal compliance, etc. We can provide a firm foundation of education for you to start with. After which you should be able to decide on the strains you would like to grow and if cannabis CRM software like distru would be right for you.

The Basic 8 Week Semester features:

Cannabis Political History 101,

Medicinal Cannabis Science 101,

Horticulture Grow Lab 101,

Methods of Ingestion 101,

Cannabusiness 101,

Patient/Caregiver Relations 101

Caregiver Seminar for Medical Professionals ~ seminar given twice a month, every other Saturday 2pm to 5pm

Our seminar focuses on Patient/Caregiver Relations, Harm Reduction, the Endocannabinoid System, Methods of Ingestion: Vaporizing, Edibles, Tinctures vs. Smoking, Addiction, Set & Setting, Indica or Sativa, & How the new Massachusetts Medical Marijuana laws affect your patient. Please, medical community professionals only, no prerequisite required. Cooking with Cannabis 101 Enrolling now on www.grassroot420.com Also featuring Advanced Classes: Advanced Dispensary Management coming SOON!

Hello! New England Grass Roots Institute received some really amazing flyers, posters and handouts from Hemp Eaze. When school starts this week, the students will see a wonderful Hemp Eaze display that we will put together from what you sent. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word & education about what a healthy bonus HEMP can be in your life! We appreciate you guys and we will send a picture of our display when we get it set up! Thank you so much to Hemp Eaze for helping New England Grass Roots Institute spread Hemp awareness & education!