My husband and I founded Tierra Sol Farm 25 years ago, we are Earth-centered, by growing organic botanicals for our food and herbal healing, with a mindfulness toward sustainability. We believe strongly in sustainability of medicinal herbal medicines, as an alternative to Western chemically induced treatments that are often very harsh and oft times impede the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

As organic farmers, we celebrate and respect the beauty, balance and diversity of the natural world. There is an opportunity to experience the bonds between ALL things in nature. The awareness that the same life-force that moves through the comfrey, the bear, and the oak, is the same life-force that moves through us, is what deepens our respect for nature. We believe this energy flows through in all that we do.


Common questions that I get about using Hemp-EaZe™  ~Darcy Stoddard

Many ask if using Hemp-EaZe™ will show up on a drug test or worry about possessing it. Rest assured, the answers are NO! Hemp-EaZe™ has No THC; In 2008 Hemp-EaZe™ was included in a Cannabis study, after thorough testing it was determined that cannabis root did not contain THC.