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I’d like to share a little piece of how Darcy and I..and Bill! make things happen, how we communicate about Hemp-EaZe™ and the reason she’s going to be offline  for a few days. ~Shelley  (read more)

A soothing natural beauty treatment that deeply nourishes your skin as your body and mind relax.


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In the creation of Hemp-EaZe, here on Tierra Sol Farm, our primary base for the 9 herb Formula is Cannabis Roots. They are from organically grown, outdoor plants. Cannabis roots are high in many beneficial compounds. Studies have found that the roots contain high amounts of terpenes, instrumental in the production of essential oils in many plants. Friedelin is one terpene to be identified in cannabis root, and has been independently found to have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic  effects….(read more)