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Hey everybody – remember Ron Hunts Big burn on his arm? We have an UPDATE!  Here it is 7 days later!

The conversation-

Kevin Spitler to Ron Hunt
How’s the arm doing?

Ron Hunt 7 days today of hemp eaze … incredible is all i can say

Kevin Spitler That’s freaking cool. Check it out Darcy! What times the races tonight Ron

Ron Hunt Hot laps 6 … racing at 7 … I’m trying to get ready !!

Good luck tonight Ron!


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In the creation of Hemp-EaZe, here on Tierra Sol Farm, our primary base for the 9 herb Formula is Cannabis Roots. They are from organically grown, outdoor plants. Cannabis roots are high in many beneficial compounds. Studies have found that the roots contain high amounts of terpenes, instrumental in the production of essential oils in many plants. Friedelin is one terpene to be identified in cannabis root, and has been independently found to have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic  effects….(read more)