The 3rd Annual Hemp-Eaze™ Hemp ROOT Contest is Underway!



The 3rd Annual Hemp-Eaze Biggest Hemp Root Ball Contest is here!!

Hemp Eaze is having a contest to promote the healing power of the humble hemp root!

The contest will run from 10/20/13, until 11/24/2013.

Entries Start Date;
Oct. 20th.2014
Entry Deadline; Nov.21st.
Winners announced Nov.24th, 2014

We are looking for the biggest hemp root !!!
Show us your pics!



1st prize – Hemp Eaze T-Shirt, Hemp-EaZe Tote Bag and choice of 3 products
2nd prize – Hemp Eaze T-Shirt, and choice of 2 products
3rd prize – Hemp Eaze T-Shirt, and choice of 1 Hemp Eaze product
4th Prize – Hemp-EaZe Tote Bag, and choice of 1 Hemp Eaze product.
5th prize – Hemp-EaZe Tote Bag, and sampler.
6th prize – Hemp-EaZe Cup Cozy and a sampler.
7th prize – Hemp-EaZe Cup Cozy and bumper sticker.
8th prize – Hemp-EaZe Bumper Sticker

Here are the rules!


Time to gather with friends and family 

There are many things to look forward to with the arrival of winter. But, if you’re among the millions of Americans, who suffer from chronic pain, winter can bring on a whole new set of problems. Winter aches and pains are some of the toughest to deal with since cold air causes the tendons and muscles to stiffen.

Managing muscle or joint pain involves using a blend that contains two different types of essential herbs that act as analgesics (pain killers) and oils that move toxic fluids trapped in the muscles and around joint areas. Applications should be topical, and work best in combination with hot compresses. Hemp-EaZe™ Is an excellent choice for it rejuvenates circulation, invigorates cellular growth, and stimulates deep tissue healing. Hemp-EaZe™ is a welcome addition to any one’s medicine cabinet.

The main ingredient, Cannabis Root reduces swelling, eases pain, and soothes a variety of deep tissue and bone disorders. The root is good for burns, sore muscles, and arthritis. Comfrey Root will increase cellular growth. Its principle use has been for mending wounds and broken bones. In combination with the other medicinal herbs in our Tierra Sol blend, Hemp-EaZe makes a powerful medicine against the cold winter.