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Tierra Sol Farm is Earth-centered, by farming organic botanicals for herbal healing, with a mindfulness toward sustainability. Our policy is to make customer satisfaction our highest priority, by helping people take care of themselves and their families. We do this with outstanding organic, product quality and the use of ethical business practices. Tierra Sol Farm is in the business of natural healing and encouraging others to learn about and use herbal and hemp products. Tierra Sol Farm, celebrates and respects the beauty, balance, and diversity of the natural world. Working towards protecting and preserving the Earth of which we are a part. We believe that this energy flows through in all that we do.

Darcy with Lavender grown in the beautiful gardens on Tierra Sol Farm.

I would like to share my experience.

We have been living in the country for over 25 years. Our little ‘A’ frame cabin sits on Tierra Sol Farm, near the west branch of the Feather River, in the Sierra foothills.

Nineteen years ago on a Mother’s Day morning, I scooped up some runaway ducklings and slipped and fell. In one swift move I dislocated my ankle, shattered 3” of leg bone, shredded my tendons, and severed the nerves! One year later I was still swollen, in pain and didn’t have feeling in my foot. The Doctor was sure I’d have to use a cane for the rest of my life and all he could suggest for the pain and swelling was cortisone shots. This seemed pretty bleak, but I wasn’t willing to settled for it, besides I had 30 acres to attend to!

I have been making salves for the family for years, from the herbs grown in our garden. So I started researching various herbs that would help heal my injuries. While formulating the cream I was introduced to hemp root. The chief element in restorative creams of early pharmacopoeia was hemp, the active ingredient essential to oils prescribed in both the Aramaic and Hebrew versions of the Old Testament. Hemp root, myrrh, and olive oil preparations were applied topically to alleviate swelling and joint pain, or as salves for burns. So I added it to the batch, making a 9 herb formula.

After using the cream, the bruising was gone, the swelling was gone, the circulation was back, I gained full movement of my foot and ankle, and no more pain!

I was so excited that I shared the cream with family and friends. The results were fantastic. It works on sore muscles, burns, eczema, arthritis, and even insect bites too.. Everyone encouraged me to put it on the market. So then I began working with our community college’s small business development center to launch our new venture. Hemp-EaZe™ started selling nicely at our local stores and Farmers’ Market. We also did a series of test markets with very positive results.

People call all the time to report great healing after using the cream. I heard from a man who used Hemp-EaZe™ on his daughter’s diaper rash, and it went away in an hour! A neighbor uses it nightly to relieve his neuropathy, and a women, with diabetes, called to buy another jar after it healed her fractured toe. Hemp-EaZe™ was reported to relieve radiation rash!

Hemp-EaZe™ is a welcome alternative treatment that is reasonably priced and gentle enough for a baby. We have expanded the Hemp-EaZe™ product line to include a Body and Rosacea care lotion, Hemp-EaZe™ for Baby & Me in a spray and salve and even a Pet Care spray.

Hemp-EaZe™ has been undergoing clinical testing through our local holistic center. The body care lotion, has been giving relief to Rosacea patients. The Therapy Cream has been clinically tested there for over several years now with 28 neuropathy patients. They have reported tremendous success, including healing diabetic ulcers on feet.

Our First Public Showing of our Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream was at ‘Reggae On The River’ music festival in July of 2003. It’s an internationally acclaimed annual reggae and world music festival on the Eel River in southern Humboldt County, We rocked them!  Reggae On The River!

The journey continues as we strive to keep Healing at the ROOT of the problem. We encourage you to explore our site and learn all about the wonderful healing benefits every member of your family can enjoy!

Darcy Stoddard


The Gardens on Tierra Sol Farms.