Darcy Talks about Hemp-EaZe™

Episode 184: Chronic Swelling And Nerve Pain Eliminated With Cannabis Root And Herbs



From the beautiful Northern California Mountains, Darcy talks about the healing benefits of the Cannabis ROOTs.



Listen to Darcy on Time 4 Hemp with Casper Leitch and Paul Stanford


I just listen to Darcy tell Casper Leitch all about Hemp-Eaze™

Darcy is as natural as her products! She talks all about the journey from healing her own injuries by creating Hemp-Eaze™,  to her family and friends amazement and how popular Hemp-Eaze™ has grown all over the world since they persuaded her to market it!. People from all over still regularly write to her with the results they get by using her products on daily aches and pains as well as fibromyalgia and skin ailments like Psoriasis, It also speeds-up the healing process in tattoos and it greatly helps babies and pets.

Paul Stanford joins the conversation and Darcy continues to tell the guys about the Hemp-Eaze™ production process, the care she takes in preparing and using the herbs, and the sometimes sticking politics around our beloved cannabis plant.

Im always amazed at how versatile her products are and that it’s pretty much customizable. If you have something bothering you…and ache, a bump or a bruise, an itchy rash or sore back, reach for Hemp-Eaze its sure to do the trick!

Kick back and listen to Darcy I’m so glad I did and I know you’ll like it as much as I did. After you listen you can see for yourself the results form Darcy’s 3 Year test results here!

~Shelley Furgason 😉