A daily diary of Ray’s progress using Hemp-EaZe

A daily diary of Ray’s progress using Hemp-EaZe
Darcy Stoddard
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I wanted to share with you this great day-by-day testimonial
A while back our friend Carol began a Hemp-EaZe project,
Carol Anne Kelly
As soon as I get my order from Darcy, I will be starting daily use of Hemp
Eaze on my 87 year old client, Ray. He has neuropathy, very bad circulation,
and has already lost a toe due to staph. I am excited to begin, and will report
back about his progress. This will be SO good for him. Like · · Unfollow
Post · November 17 at 10:18am near Chico •
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• Rummy Lane
Are you using the Therapy Cream? You’re right…it will be so good for him. •
November 17 at 10:39am · Like
• Carol Anne Kelly
Yes! I love the Therapy Cream. So good for everything! • November 17 at
10:42am · Like
• Carol Anne Kelly
Took me a long time to talk him into it, he was afraid he’d be doing
something illegal. lol I got him to look at the website, and he finally said why
not! • November 17 at 10:43am · Like
• Hemp Eaze
Hi Rummy and Carol, Yes, my mom was the same way. Even though she
saw me go from crippled, unable to walk to agile, flexible and healed, she
was still hesitant. Shows you how well the media has passed mass hysteria
about MMJ. But she suffered badly from carple tunel and was forced to pry
her fingers open every morning because the were so stiff. Once I convinced
her that Hemp-EaZe does not have any ‘active’ ingredients (THC) she finally
tried it, amazed she would rubbed the Therapy cream in her hands every
night before going to bed. Then she’d place gloves on. By morning, her
hands and fingers were flexible and no pain! “Healing at the ROOT of the
Problem” • November 17 at 11:07am · Like · 1
• Carol Anne Kelly
Darcy! Saw Ray’s dermatologist today. His name is O.Jay On, and he has
heard of Hemp Eaze, and told Ray it won’t hurt him a bit, AND is very
excited to see what it does!! • November 17 at 3:57pm · Like
• Carol Anne Kelly
Made Ray even more anxious to try it, having his Doctor OK it! • November
17 at 3:58pm · Like
• Darcy Stoddard
it on it’s way! • November 18 at 4:51pm · Like · 1 • Carol Anne Kelly You
are QUICK, woman!!! Thank-you!! • November 18 at 4:59pm · Unlike · 1
• Carol Anne Kelly
I think I’ll try to get a disposable camera, so I can take before and after
pictures. I also want to show them to his neuropathy doctor, as well as his
dematologist. • November 18 at 5:00pm · Like
• Julie Spicer Calvery
Yay! I hope you have complete success in Darcey’s amazing Formula. •
November 18 at 6:53pm · Like · 1
• Darcy Stoddard
yes, I’d like to see the healing, thanx. Please share ’cause I’m sure a lot of us
would like to see that • November 18 at 7:50pm · Like
• Carol Anne Kelly
I told Ray healing is on it’s way! Asked him if he minds me taking pictures of
the progress, and he’s just fine with that. This will be awesome! • November
18 at 10:06pm · Like · 1
Carol Anne Kelly
Friday night, 10:12pm – Finally done with work, and home at the computer.
First things first…..reach for my jar of Hemp Eaze Therapy Cream, which I
keep right here. Some on a gnarly bruise, some for my aching hip, some on
my dishpan hands, and some for my toothache. AHHH, now I can relax! lol
Have a great weekend everyone!
Carol Anne Kelly
It’s here!! Thanks Darcy. Will start tonight. Like · · Follow Post · November
21 at 5:18pm near Chico
Carol Anne Kelly
Nothing short of miraculous! Day 1 6:30pm – applied Hemp Eaze to Ray’s
feet for the first time. 6:38pm – Ray said, “Hey! My feet feel warm!” * this
coming from someone who has not felt ANYTHING in his feet in the year
and a half I’ve been caring for him! Simply put….WOW! * I have taken the
before shots, will post with the after shots down the road. THANKS DARCY!
Like · · Follow Post · November 21 at 9:22pm near Chico
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• Barb Happ Zimmerman Fantastic!! • November 21 at 9:29pm · Like · 1
• Kell Russell
Speaks volumes when there’s the before, during and after shots of the
benefits. Please keep us posted. Best to Ray… • November 22 at
12:28am via mobile · Like · 1
• Carol Anne Kelly Thank you! When he realized what he had said, that he
was FEELING…….he cried. It was awesome. He’s 87. • November 22 at
9:06am · Like
• Hemp Eaze
OMG Carol! I just got goose bumps! • November 22 at 7:36pm · Like · 1
Carol Anne Kelly
Day 2 – Ray’s progress Noon – Rubbed his feet with Hemp Eaze
Noon:15 – As I helped him get his socks on, Ray let out an “Ouch! You
pinched me!” (Which I had, by accident, of course!) He’s feeling more than
warmth now. I have seen this man cut his foot open, and not feel a thing.
This is awesome! Like · · Unfollow Post · November 22 at 4:07pm near
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• Hemp Eaze
OW!! double goose bumps!! keep going! • November 22 at 7:39pm · Like ·
• Carol Anne Kelly
Day 2 – cont’d: Ray said this evening that his feet have felt good all day,
tingly, but in a good way!! Then this evening, as I started to put the 3rd
application on, one of the sores we’ve been nursing fell away dry. Gone!
Darcy, I’ve been putting neosporin on it for weeks, and it hasn’t helped. His
feet are literally healing before my eyes. I almost feel like I need a time lapse
camera, instead of still shots. Ray says he can’t wait to show his doctors!! •
November 22 at 9:28pm · Like · 1
• Carol Anne Kelly
He can’t get over that he’s feeling anything in his feet. It’s been years! •
November 22 at 9:28pm · Like · 1
• Darcy Stoddard wow!! only on three applications!! wonderful wonderful!!
give Ray a hug from me • November 23 at 2:51pm · Like · 1
• Carol Anne Kelly
I will! His family showed up from the bay today, and almost immediately he
started telling them about Hemp Eaze. lol Hi daughter-in-law wants to order
some for her father, and some for herself. Go Ray!
Day 3 – Skin is SO much more supple, and he says that he is warm to the
middle of his calves now. He even asked me to make sure his canes are
handy, just in case! Since he hasn’t walked in years, I told him not to rush
things, but his hope is shining through. He can’t quit grinning! • November
23 at 4:28pm · Like · 2
• Rummy Lane
That’s absolutely amazing!!! I love it!!! Tell him that his Hemp EaZe family is
keeping up with his progress and we’re cheering him on. • November
23 at 4:41pm · Like · 2
• Carol Anne Kelly
I will!! As you can tell, Ray is not just a job to me. I really like this guy, and this
is SO wonderful. Thanks for following, It means a lot. • November 23 at
4:44pm · Like · 2
• Hemp Eaze
very awesome! YEAH Hemp-EaZe!!
Carol Anne Kelly
Day 3 – Ray’s progress 4th application – Skin much more supple. Ray says
his legs are warm from foot to mid-calf. Ray convinced visiting family to order
Hemp Eaze for themselves. I must say, he’s a pretty good salesman! Like ·
· Unfollow Post · November 23 at 4:38pm near Chico
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• Hemp Eaze I’m gonna cry if he starts walking! • November 23 at 5:18pm ·
Like · 2
• Carol Anne Kelly
Me too! I’ve already cried twice since we started this! • November 23 at
5:21pm · Like · 2
• Rummy Lane
I’ll cry too. And freak out!!! • November 23 at 5:26pm · Like · 2
• Carol Anne Kelly
He’s such a trooper. • November 23 at 5:27pm · Like · 1 •
Carol Anne Kelly
Now if I can just get him to stop calling it Herp Eaze! HAHAHAHAHA! •
November 23 at 5:29pm · Like · 1
• Rummy Lane HAHAHAHAHAH!! • November 23 at 5:29pm · Like · 1
• Darcy Stoddard
oh boy! • November 24 at 10:58am · Like
Carol Anne Kelly
Day 5: Ray’s progress The skin look SO much healthier! Only 2 wounds left,
and they are dry and ready to be gone! Feet warm to the touch. Like · ·
Unfollow Post · November 25 at 10:11pm
• Hemp Eaze
Thats great! When I formulated Hemp-EaZe it was created for deep tissue
and bone problems. I wanted to reduce the swelling, ease my pain,
rejuvenate the circulation, and promote cellular growth to help with the
healing process. You see, 14 years ago I blew out my ankle, shattered 3
inches of leg bone, shredded my tendons and severed the nerves in one
quick fall! Yet a year after surgery, I still had no feeling in my foot, my ankle
was swollen and in constant pain, and I couldn’t walk more than 5 minutes.
The Doctor’s only suggest was to, ” Get used to using a cane” and to take
cortisone shots for the swelling! Well screw that! So I research just the right
herbs for something that I could message in and help me to heal. Well I was
amazed at how soothing the cream was, right away. I was rubbing it in at
least three and four times a day. Within 6 months I had feeling all the way
down to my toes and within a year I had gained full movement of my ankle
and can walk, stand, and dance like a normal person! Everyone was so
amazed at my recovery that they wanted to try my….do I dare say it?..
‘Miracle’ too. Since then we’ve been able to help so many people all over
the world! Reading about Ray’s progress in only 5 days truly is a great
testament and affirmation on the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe •
November 26 at 12:55pm · Like · 1
• Carol Anne Kelly
It is miraculous stuff, Darcy. As if I wasn’t already amazed by it, this just
reaffirms what I know about your magic in a jar. • November 26 at 2:12pm
· Like
• Darcy Stoddard
Noth’n nicer than warm toes! • November 26 at 2:39pm · Like
• Carol Anne Kelly Indeed! • November 26 at 2:43pm · Like
Carol Anne Kelly
Day 9: Ray’s progress. Only one more wound left, and it’s as good as gone.
The huge news is Ray said he felt cramping in his feet last night. Near as we
can figure, the muscles are waking up!! He has never felt this before, and
was quite pleased about it. Will take more pics tonight. Like · · Follow Post
· November 30 at 3:35pm near Chico •
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• Rummy Lane Amazing news!!! • November 30 at 3:38pm · Like · 1
• Hemp Eaze
This is exciting news! Thats Great! And Hemp-EaZe will help with those leg
cramps too LOL. • November 30 at 8:06pm · Like · 1
Carol Anne Kelly
Sometimes I wonder how I ever got by before I learned about Hemp Eaze.
Like · · Follow Post · Friday at 9:50am
Carol Anne Kelly
Day 10: Ray’s progress Today we started having Ray flex his ankle up and
down. Up until now this has been impossible for him. WooHoo!! Like · ·
Follow Post · Friday at 5:21pm near Chico •
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• Hemp Eaze
Carol writes;
Not long ago, after I convinced him he wouldn’t be doing anything illegal, I
started using Hemp Eaze on my 87 year old client, Ray’s, feet. He has
neuropathy, so has had no feeling in them for a long time, and has already
lost one toe to staph infection. I’ve been keeping a log, and Darcy Stoddard,
the maker of Hemp Eaze, has put this together for us. I have cried on more
than one occasion during this experiment, and I’m sure I will again. The
progress has been phenomenal. Thanks Darcy.
Wow!! only 10 days after beginning to apply Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream and
he’s getting movement!!
Thats great! • Friday at 7:49pm · Like · 1
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Heather Watson
I’m gonna order some tomorrow. Which one would be best for pain and
12 hours ago · Like · 1
Carol Anne Kelly
I, personally, love the Therapy Cream. That’s what I’m using on Ray. I use it all
the time at home for everything!
12 hours ago · Like · 1
Carol Anne Kelly
Great for pain and inflammation, also promotes new cell growth, and
circulation improves. And it heals wounds SO quickly!
12 hours ago · Like · 1
Heather Watson
Ok, I’m excited! Let my back healing begin!:)
11 hours ago · Like · 1
Carol Anne Kelly
Yes!!! I’m excited for you!! I want a full report young lady!! lol
11 hours ago · Like
Carol Anne Kelly
It’s amazing!
11 hours ago · Like
Cindy Wells-Taylor
I really need to try this. My mother in-law makes a rub from shake and
alcohol. It really works well. But leaves me sticky and lingering smell of
weed…my mom also has neuropothy from her chemo treatment….may
have to give this a go !
4 hours ago · Like
Carol Anne Kelly
And the alcohol isn’t very good for your skin. Try it, Cindy, you won’t be sorry.
There is nothing toxic in this at all. No petroleum products either. No active
about an hour ago · Like
Hemp Eaze
Thanx Carol for spreading the word, here’s the link to our site, www.hempeaze.
11 minutes ago · Like · 1 ·
Hemp Eaze
And here’s the link to our store, www.tierrasolfarm.com and welcome to our
Hemp-EaZe family Heather and Cindy
Tierra Sol Farm’s ‘Hemp-EaZe’ products, for hemp root healing
See More
10 minutes ago · Like · 1 ·
Carol Anne Kelly
Thanks Darcy!!
7 minutes ago · Like
Carol Anne Kelly
Just to update after the weekend, ALL external wounds are healed!!
Magnificent!! Skin is smooth, and supple, and warm to the touch. His feet
look SO good compared with how they looked before.
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Hemp Eaze
It is so thrilling to learn about the healing that people experience from an
herbal formula I created. Our specialized formula, ten years in the making,
has brought Old World healing to the present.
We handcraft HEMP-EAZE therapy cream when the new moon waxes,
bottling before the full moon wanes to stimulate the healing properties
according to ancient teachings
Most Hemp creams in today’s market contain only hemp seed oil or leaf
compounds. Some include alcohol, petroleum, or animal byproducts. But
only HEMP-EAZE TM therapy cream contains the organic, healing of Hemp
Root, with a complex formula of medicinal herbs in triple strength

Peace and Hempy Healing
“Healing at The ROOT of the Problem”
Darcy Stoddard
Wow! Again Hemp-EaZe has saved someone from amputation! Check out
this post!
James Skaug
Once again, I have a new patient who has diabetic ulcers. He has tried
December 4, 2011 at 5:49 PM
Posts: 167
EVERYTHING to help heal up a wound on his Big Toe… but, the wound has
only gotten bigger and deeper. He just finished with his last doctors
treatment and is now willing to try anything to save his toe from amputation –
as removing the toe was his doctors next option. I started treating him and in
one week, the wound is half the size it was when he first saw me thanks to
a combination of NMS and Hemp Eaze. I put Hemp Eaze on his feet his first
not only for his toe but because he feet were so cracked and dry all over.
He came back the next day and bought a bottle as he was so impressed
with it. This guy is hard sell EVERYTHING – but, just one treatment of Hemp
Eaze made him a believer.
Thank you James.
James Skaug runs Chico Holistic Heath Center, and has been a supporter
of Hemp-EaZe.

Peace and Hempy Healing
“Healing at The ROOT of the Problem”
Darcy Stoddard
Posts: 167
we’ve got pictures!

Peace and Hempy Healing
“Healing at The ROOT of the Problem”
Darcy Stoddard
Posts: 167
Hello, Carol just shared some more great news about Ray’s progress using
Carol Anne Kelly
Ray Update: Today I took Ray to see his neurologist. He, of course, keeps
tabs on Ray’s feet and neuropathy problems. Took along a Hemp-Eaze
brochure, and the before and ’13 days after’ shots of Ray’s feet. Dr. Forner
was very impressed with the increased circulation, and new feeling that Ray
is experiencing! He asked if he could have the Hemp-Eaze brochure, and so
we gave it to him, and he gave Ray a thumbs up!

Peace and Hempy Healing
December 28, 2011 at 2:03 PM
January 10, 2012 at 9:05 PM
“Healing at The ROOT of the Problem”
Darcy Stoddard
Posts: 167
Nov. 23rd 2011, Healing Arts Festival, here’s a segment from my speech;
success story is from one of our devoted customers, Carol.
She cares for RAY, an 87 year old Chico man . Ray suffers from neuropathy
and poor circulation and has been wheelchair bond for a couple of years.
His legs had ulcers that would never heal and already lost a toe due to
After a little coaxing, Ray let Carol apply Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream to his
legs and feet.
Within 3 days of regular application,his skin went from pale-bluish and scaly,
to pink and smooth .
Ray also noticed he could ‘feel’ his thighs and the skin began to feel
sensitivity and warm.
he was encouraged to keep working with the herbal cream.
By the 5th day Ray was reported to be grinning from ear to ear with new
hope, as he felt his legs waking up.
His skin was much healthier, his sores were healing.
And he requested to have his canes by his bedside.
By the 10th day Ray’s muscles were becoming alive again and he began to
have movement!
This wonderful testimony keeps going, for at present Ray now steadily walks
with a walker and enjoys the outdoors again.

Peace and Hempy Healing
“Healing at The ROOT of the Problem”
February 16, 2012 at 11:24 PM
August 2, 2012 at 12:43 PM