Artisan Trail Tattoo


Artisan Trail Tattoo, Woodstock, VA

While there’s still much to do before the vision of what Artisan Trail Tattoo will be, we climbed the mountain Friday night to Sunday night. It was in the hopes that our first impression would leave potential new clients, and our old friends who came to show their support this weekend, that Beau Morgan & Turtle Style Tattoos by D.J. put in the work to deliver.
Woodstock, Virginia the Tattoo Experience you can’t say, “No”, too:)

125 S Main St Woodstock, Virginia

(540) 459-8288 Open Today 12:00pm – 7:00pm

Tattooing, with an Artisan’s Touch coming to Woodstock, VA. March 1st! Private tattoo room, UV Ink ready, and taking appts now! Message for details!


Tattoo artist D.J. Ownby, co-owner of LiBeau Omens Vape Co. and Artisan Trail Tattoo, sketches out a new design.

Ink and Clouds

Tattoo/vaping store looks to expand business
By Rachel Mahoney -Friday, May 22, 2015

WOODSTOCK – Although the combined storefront for LiBeau Omens Vape Co. and Artisan Trail Tattoo opened on Woodstock’s Main Street in March, plans to expand with new vape store locations that might sell the pre filled vape cartridges canada is well known for are already in motion. Until then, Ink and Clouds remains as their primary store of operation. In the store, customers will be able to buy products like the best brass knuckles cartridge as well as different vapes like the Yocan Evolve D. Though it is inmportant to note that not all vapes, especially ones made for CBD or THC products are made equal and some operate differently than others. Make sure to look up how to use the vape product you’re buying from the store on articles like:

Co-owners D.J. Ownby and Beau Morgan agreed that their location has served their businesses well so far. An increase in customers and sales has been the pivotal indication that the stock they’re selling in the store is popular amongst the vaping community, as well as those who are looking to start. As such, they may want to look at how wholesale packaging (click here for more information) can help them to sell more of their stock, as well as persuading others to buy the different types of vaping collections that are entering the industry. As Ownby and Morgan are liking what they see, the only way is up for them in what they can achieve at this location. With it being a tattoo parlor too, customers have scheduled tattoo appointments right after going to town to pay for tickets. (read more)