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Understanding The Differences Between Hemp and Cannabis in Health and Treatment.

James Skaug, to Darcy Stoddard

Darcy, I am just finishing up my 2nd book; and, I couldn’t help but mention Hemp-EaZe in it again. This was in reference to a “Soothing post-treatment” lotion for electrode sensitivity; in regard to “pre-treatment” products. But, here is something I’ll bet you didn’t know; in a pinch, I can use Hemp-EaZe as a “Conductive” lotion for Carbon/Rubberize, non-adhesive pads! For a lot of conductivity, I add some Silver Dust from making Colloidal Silver too. Works great!

Here is what I said in my book:

Many patients ask me before treatment, “Will I have any irritation from the electrodes?” It is possible; however; but, I have only seen this with, perhaps, two or three patients over the past several years. These same people tend to be allergic to bandage adhesive tape as well. But, there is a simple solution for this. There are post-treatment products available for NMES therapy; which are skin lotions used for irritation. These products tend to have Vitamin A, E and D in them for skin health, and, should be available from your electrode supplier; however, many of these same lotions can be “conductive” as well – making them “multi-purpose” in use. In other words, in a pinch, they can be used as a “conductive lotion,” in addition to being a “post-treatment” lotion. They are great products; but, expensive… and I don’t use them – as I would have to purchase them by the gallon! In my office, however, if I see any irritation from adhesive or electrodes, I rub a product called Hemp-EaZe™ on the area. This has both healing and soothing properties to it; and works great on rashes! In a pinch, it can be used as a “Conductive Lotion” too; and, without any THC to worry about! If not available in your area, it can be purchased online direct at