Finding Relief with Lupus

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My medication includes:cellcept 500mg 2 daily, burinex half mg daily,warfarin 5mg half of it each day except two days i take the whole 5,altiazem 60mg 3 times daily ,prisolone 5mg 2tablets between aday & another ,viagra 12.5mg daily before sleep, calcium VD3 twice daily.

Am I on the wright path in treatment ?

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I would suggest seeking out alternative therapies and focusing on solutions that get away from pharmaceuticals. As SLE is a disease where the body is basically “overreacting”, pharmaceutical drugs are likely to only give you an extra long range of symptoms and stress you have to deal with.

    Many of the prescriptions given to SLE patients focus on lowering the immune response, which can make you sicker and lower your quality of life. Which is backwards from what most patients are seeking. The key is to get your body to stop reacting to so many triggers, to mitigate pain and debilitating symptoms, without lower your immune response. It’s balance that is needed, not one extreme or the other.

    Sadly, I don’t know of any “cures” for SLE, but there are many ‘pharmaceutical’ free methods that you can seek out. If you can find a personal doctor who is an Alternative practitioner to guide you, that is very much recommended. You can speak with your regular doctor about it, but it’s likely they won’t suggest it, since they don’t get paid much for things that don’t include prescribing pharmaceuticals. You never know though, your doctor might be different.

    You’ll want to spend some time looking into appropriate diet changes, exercise menu’s and supplements. If you truly want to better your quality of life, you have to change your lifestyle around to facilitate for it. It isn’t easy to go it without the medications and aide, but it can be done. It has been done by hundreds of people before.

Namely, some things you can start out by doing:

*Get a reverse osmosis filter in your whole home. They are expensive, but worth it. Our waters are full of flushed vaccines, medications, street drugs, hexafluorosilicic acid, garbage and more. I could see this easily being a trigger to the body to over protect you, especially if you are also taking a bunch of other medication as well as getting regular vaccinations. The cost is worth it. You pay more for your home, but less in the doctors office.

*Buy organic foods. I know the research is scattered, but the last thing you need is to be eating a bunch of foods with preservatives, chemical fertilizers and who knows what else. Avoiding genetically altered food is another wise response as it can mess with your immune system more. Stay away from anything with “glutton” in it, as well as any non organic dairy products or meats, as most of them are either filled with vaccines and pain killers or they are feed crap. The majority of allergic reactions people suffer from today, or triggers, can be chalked up to glutton, vaccines and genetically modified foods. Corn syrup and anything that sounds similar to it is important to stay away from also.

*Lower the stress. Get into gardening, painting, writing or wood carving. Something that takes concentration, but that is enjoyable. Laugh often and love alot, these things will help your health more than you know right now.

*Get more iodine in your diet. Sea Salt and sea weeds are the best source. So are canned green beans and kidney beans. Iodine is essential to our bodies and it get’s leeched out when we interact or consume water that has not been through a reverse osmosis filter. It also get’s leeched out from over processed sugars, foods and sodas.

Get into the research and find out what you can on alternative treatments. The road may seem long and hard at first, but I think you will find your live improving ten fold once you get going.

Here is some more info to start you out.

Hemp Eaze is a product I would highly recommend to you. It can help with inflammation and discomfort, as well as rashes and skin symptoms.