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Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca4

Meet Harrison, He’s the proprietor of The Lotus Flower Imports, located at, 

839 Main St., Chico, CA 95928

(530) 345-6783

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca5

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca3

Lotus Flower Imports is filled with unique gifts, jewelry, crystals, and fine stones, one of a kind gifts. And Also carries a good line of Hemp-EaZe products!

Lotus Flower Imports, Chico, Ca2

There’s Bill and Harrison

Lotus Flower Imports has been supporting Hemp-EaZe Products Since 2009

Thank you Harrison!

Visiting The Lotus Flower

Where to find Hemp-EaZe at Lotus Flower Imports?

Lotus Flower Imports also sponsors the Healing Arts Festival and Psychic Fair a community event that will present to the public different healing, alternative, integrative and holistic modalities under one roof!

Their mission; To bring medical and alternative practitioners and products together, providing a thoroughly comprehensive event for the community. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about therapies first hand in order to make wise choices about your health involving your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Lotus Flower Imports Also does silkscreening for t-shirts, etc.

Next time your passing bye, go visit the Lotus Flower Imports.;) Also a great place to get your supply of Hemp-EaZe products.