Toledo Hemp Center

Toledo Hemp Center At New Location!

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Toledo Hemp Center LLC’s mission is to provide a standard for a true better quality of life to society by leading the way in safe, administrative, non psychotropic, dietary hemp products, through primary prevention and community based education.

“We believe in the science of mother nature. That’s why we only offer products that contain natural CBD from the industrial hemp plant -never synthetic CB -and work to source the best ingredients in all of our premium hemp CBD products. We represent the most innovative hemp-based CBD products in the world. From skin care to nutritional supplements. from recreational products to award-winning oils, scroll down to see what is available to consumers in all fifty states and over forty countries.”



1415 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43612

Phone: (419) 724-9588

Hours of operation:
MondayFriday 10am-6pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm

Sunday – Closed (By appointment only)

For appointment call: 269-615-5706 (Ask for Kevin)

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