Hemp-EaZe™ Baby & Me Salve Ingredients


Hemp-EaZe™ Baby & Me Salve  has extra strength to combat any sore on the body. Our hemp root herbal salve, has the extra strength to combat any sore on the body.

The list of ingredients Includes;

Hemp Root is proven to kill staph infection.

Sage is a powerful herb as an antiseptic.

Lavender is a proven remedy for infections, diaper rash and cuts.

California Bay is great for abscess and boils.

Myrrh Gum is a fantastic antibiotic!

And Lobelia, that cools down inflamed and fevered skin.

Burdock is moisturizing.

Mints are refreshing.

A tough of honey soothes and protects.

Hyssop is used to heal minor cuts and scrapes.

All in one powerful formula that is gentle enough for a baby. Hemp-EaZe™ Baby And Me Salve is a must for your

medicine chest.

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