Bless Mother Nature and The Gifts that created Hemp-EaZe

I am always grateful for the gifts of knowledge that helped me create this healing cream.

A few days ago, we were stomping the wine grapes freshly harvested. (I’ll tell ya, those Italians sure have the right idea, because stomping is the quickest and easiest way to juice those babies!)


Anyway, as I maneuvered my feet and squished those grape skins with my toes, I was reflecting about how blessed I am to be able to do this feat.

Because 17 years ago, when my doctor had given up on me, I wasn’t able to stand, or move my ankle, or feel the grape skins under my feet.

But because of my determination to heal myself, I created an herbal formula, Hemp-EaZe, and completely healed my injuries!

And even though I walk with a lot of hardware in my leg, I don’t even notice! Bless Mother Natures gifts!

Here’s my story.

Our Journey begins at the root

September 30, 2012 at 6:06 PM