Hemp Root For Restoration


The Original Hemp-Eaze™ Therapy Cream.

We have come to realize, while searching for a massage cream to ease our daily aches and pains, that all body care creams are not the same. A cream that offers to give relief, has to do more than feel good, it has to heal.
The Egyptians knew it, the Greeks knew it and the Tibetan healers knew it. They, like others in ancient societies, depended on restoration. The chief element in restorative creams of early pharmacopoeia was hemp. Not the hemp we associate with the stereotypical image of the ‘60’s, but of the true medicinal healing of cannabis hemp root, the active ingredient essential to oils prescribed in both the Aramaic and Hebrew versions of the Old Testament. Hemp root, myrrh, and olive oil preparations were applied topically to alleviate swelling and joint pain, or as salves for burns.
In 1763, the New English Dictionary stated Cannabis ROOT had strong evidence of the root’s analgesic properties.
In current times researches are finally including Cannabis root in their studies, such as, The Medicinal Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, which states; “cannabis root applied to skin eases inflammation”.
At Tierra Sol Farm, we start with cannabis root and myrrh then add a proprietary blend of Comfrey, Hyssop and Sage, for they rejuvenate the circulation. Our unique blend also decreases bruising, relieves stiffness, and promotes cellular growth, to encourage deep tissue healing. This means relief for muscular and bone aches, arthritis, old injuries and mending wounds.
Our cream is used for rashes, insect bites, and many skin discomforts The healing properties that are provided in Burdock, Lobelia, Bay, Lavender, with the soothing qualities of Olive and Soy oils enrich our handcrafted therapy cream.
Our specialized formula, nineteen years in the making, has brought Old World healing to the present. We handcraft all our HEMP-EAZE Hemp Root Therapy products when the new moon waxes, bottling before the full moon wanes to stimulate the healing properties according to ancient teachings.
Most Hemp creams in today’s market contain only hemp seed oil or leaf compounds. Some include alcohol, petroleum, or animal byproducts. But only HEMP-EAZE ™ Body Care Products contains the organic, healing of Hemp Root, with a complex formula of medicinal herbs in triple strength. It’s rich distinguishes it from a cosmetic lotion to a true healing treatment. Absorbs easily and is non-staining. A little goes a long way.
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