Getting to know Embrace Bath Tea

After a series of comments from customers and members about wishing they could bathe in Hemp-EaZe, we began to test the idea.


Test marketing notes;

In the beginning, we developed a prototype Bath Tea Bag and many Hemp-EaZe members volunteered to test them. We sent these little tea bags filled with the herbs of our Hemp-EaZe™ healing formula all over the U.S., from Alaska to Florida, Canada, Australia, Amsterdam, Germany and the United Kingdom. Each tester filled out a response form. The forms came pouring back with comments such as; “Very relaxing”, “Love the smells”, “skin is so soft”, “Felt really antiseptic”, “Helped my back”, “Took my aches & pains away”,”My Dandruff is gone!”, “Soothed my rash”, “Eased my arthritis pain”, “Healed my broken toe”, “Helped me to sleep”, ” My body was so refreshed”, and ” I want more”, and Many exclaimed that the experience was, “Incredibly satisfying”, “Took all the stress away and much more!”

Hemp-EaZe™ Embrace Herbal Bath Tea is made of our Hemp-EaZe™ herbal blend with our freshly cut roots and herbs. Hand picked at their best time for full potency and handcrafted gently to keep the healing benefits to their best. Your senses will feel the calm from the lemony aroma of Hyssop and Lemonbalm filling the air. Our Bath Tea is not only for relaxing your tired body, it’s also healing. Each ingredient is purposely selected, Lets take Hyssop for instance; Israeli researchers at Ben Gurion University (BGU) have found citral to prompt cancer cells to die. Citral is the key component that gives the lemony aroma and taste in several herbal plants such as lemonbalm and Hyssop. Our Hemp-EaZe Embrace Bath Tea relaxing your tired body, it’s also healing, with our 9 herb Hemp-EaZe formula including Hyssop which contain Cital. No wonder it’s good for the skin and sore muscles. Lemonbalm, it’s not just aroma, calms nerves, and eases headaches. Lemonbalm is used to ease pains of neuralgia, rheumatism, bruising, and help heal wounds.

We also include Hyssop, Therapeutic properties of hyssop; anti-rheumatic, astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cicatrisant, febrifuge, hypertensive, nerving, vermifuge. Hyssop gives relief for viral infections., It helps to regulate circulation.,It has good healing properties and helps with bruises. We use Hyssop in our Hemp-EaZe™ formula for skin conditions, like bruises and inflammation, eczema, and dermatitis.

Cannabis roots are high in many beneficial compounds. Studies have found that the roots contain high amounts of terpenes, instrumental in the production of essential oils in many plants. Friedelin is one terpene to be identified in cannabis root, and has been independently found to have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effects which makes Recreational Cannibis much in demand. Other research has shown that the roots contain significant concentrations of alkaloids, including choline, a dietary amine that is essential for the integrity of cell membranes and atropine, a powerful alkaloid, which when used as eye-drops famously dilates the pupil. Cannabis root has also been found to contain other alkaloid groups known as phenolic amides and lignanamides, believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Lavender revered for it’s antiseptic quality by the Romans, who used it to bath and cleanse their wounds. This antiseptic herb became popular in Medieval Europe for a variety of healing purposes. A native of Southern Europe, many French households kept a bottle of Lavender essence in their kitchens as a remedy against insect bites, cuts, bruises, and aches.

Sage has astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti diaphoretic, antimicrobial, carminative, anti-oxidant, antiinflammatory, and even memory enhancing properties. Antioxidant terpenes have been isolated in sage, which can destroy harmful free radical compounds. It’s anti-spasmodic action which reduces tension in sore muscles.

Burdock has been used as a topical remedy for skin problems such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Extracts of burdock root are found in a variety of herbal preparations, as well as homeopathic remedies. the herb may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects.

Comfrey The name comfrey itself derives from its uses in medieval times when it was known as Confirmerâ, meaning to make firm or strengthen. It has been seen to have an effect on cuts, burns, skin ulcers, boils, hemorrhoids, sprains, and fractures.

Lobelia acts as a relaxant on tense muscles when it is applied externally; it is useful in the treatment of chronic sprains and certain types of problems affecting the spinal region. We like it because it works well on sprains, arthritic joints, and general aches and pains. Lobelia has also been used topically for insect bites and stings. It reduces swelling and eases pain.

California Bay, which is different from Bay Laurel. These aromatic trees emit a strong smell resembling camphor. Way back in the day, Indians and early settlers to this gold country would use this herb for expelling mosquitoes and fleas. They also favored using the leaves in hot baths to treat rheumatism, and as pain relief from headaches.

Myrrh Gum is very antiseptic and very healing. It has been used as a remedy for ulcers, bedsores, and any sore of the EmbraceBathTeabody.

Then we’ve added, Mint, When added to bath water, spearmint oil can induce relaxation and can cool you off by reducing your body temperature, can help relieve muscle pain,

and lastly Marjoram, Containing anti-inflammatory properties, It alleviates aches and pains when used externally, aids in the reduction of toothaches, muscular pain, bruises, arthritis, sprains and stiff joints.

So you see why we’ve chosen these special medicinal herbs to make a wonder bath tea. Embrace your whole body with the healing benefits of Hemp-EaZe™. It’s one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic ways to relax, relieve sore muscles and soothe your skin. Hemp-EaZe™.

Embrace Herbal Bath Tea will tantalize your senses.