Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT – Relief for back pain

Several years ago, while bending over to pick up some firewood, a Ladder fell across my back and pop out a vertebrae, The bulging disk was painful! Did some chiropractic and acupuncture, But didn’t seem to help. It was only months later that I found out that my chiropractor wasn’t well reviewed online. This is why you should always search chiropractor low back pain before deciding on the right professional to help you out. Meanwhile, I kept applying Hemp-EaZe. It took quite a while but the bulge actually shrunk back into my spine!
Bill, My husband, broke his back twice as a kid. He rubs the cream on in the morning and at night, and after strenuous work. But he’s far from being in a wheelchair as Doctors predicted. He’s out there clearing a field with his chainsaw right now!
Folks tell us all the time about the healing benefits they get with Hemp-EaZe,
Here’s A Hemp-EaZe Daily ROOT for back pain!

Thank you Rick, No Darcy, thank you. The therapy cream is amazing. I’ve been able to replace lydocaine patches I used for back pain with it. Soooo much nicer than the skin irritation adhesives cause with regular use of the patches and a much better value to boot. 😉 The dog loves the smell too (and would eat it straight from the jar if I let him) which can be embarrassing. Maybe I should get him his own hemp extract CBD products from somewhere like Serenity Store (https://www.serenitystore.com/cbd-for-dogs-c9) so he’ll stop following me around and sniffing. We look like circus elephants when I walk anywhere because his nose is attached to my lower back where I’ve applied the cream. Thanks again, –rick

Jerry of Corning, Has back pain because one of his legs is shorter than the other. Nothing has helped, not even going to a Chiropractor. But since he’s been using Hemp-EaZe Therapy cream, he’s been able to get some relief.

Margaret of Chico suffers from Sciatica and back pain. She’s a repeat customer of Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream. She warms the cream up before massaging it into her sore areas, says it penetrates deeply that way and she gets almost instant relief.

MIKE FROM ONTARIO CANADA rub with your product tonight..the other sample is for my father inlay who suffers from arthritis..i told him over the phone tonight I have something new for him to try..you see we have tried EVERYTHING..with little relief. I sampled a bit of rub on my lower back tonight and feeling its effects several hrs still..I enjoy its deep penetrating effect..much like tiger balm yet not so intense. I will speak to you again in the days to come..after sharing your product amongst us for our ailments..Mike

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