Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT -I also grew up using tiger balm

Violet Gonzalez @ Scott Craft  it is my opinion that hemp-eaze is better .. I also grew up using tiger balm and tiger balm would help but not take away all the pain and it was very important to wash your hands after using the tiger balm so you didn’t accidentally rubbed your eyes and then burn them, with hemp-eaze you don’t have to worry about that at all it does not burn your eyes …. it’s not just for sore muscles but also promotes tissue growth, prevents staph infection and helps improve circulation and even helps take away scars …. I am very thankful for trying this product 2yrs ago bc without it wouldn’t been able to continue working because of my bad back.  I used hemp-eaze deep healing body butter everyday day for 2wks and was completely pain free and now I only have to use it here and there. I have not been displeased with this product at all I’ve tried just about every product of Darcy’s and I am very thankful that I did. Darcy is helping too many lives and her products really heal at the root of the problems.


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