The remarkable healing success of Cannabis Root

Canna Root King sent this in about his experience with the remarkable healing success of Cannabis Root
I am an electrician by trade, as well as in construction. I have been using a cannabis root cream called ‘Hemp-EaZe’ for several years now, as my daily regiment to treat my muscle and bone pain, from old injuries,etc. Their Hemp Root Therapy cream has been the best choice for me as an alternative to aspirin and those creams that stink and don’t provide the deep tissue relief that I need.Hemp-EaZe Cannabis root cream reduces swelling, stops bleeding, protects from infection, as well as helping with pain and bug bites. And I have it with me everywhere, including my First Aid kit. It’s the reason it is becoming so popular and they are building a medical marijuana dispensary wherever it is legal to cater to the demand for it. For example, in countries like Canada, using cannabis for medical and recreational use is legalized with certain rules and regulations, and people can just go to websites such as and others like it where they can easily order psychedelics such as magic mushrooms or marijuana and get it at their doorstep. However, in many places, although recreational use is still not fully permitted, they are issuing cards out to patients who have the substance prescribed to them! For example, you can find these at It can be for any issues, mental health perhaps, or chronic illness. However in my case as a clumsy contractor, it would be to heal my awful wound.
I have used my Hemp-EaZe for First Aid treatment several times; from scrapes, bruising and a yellow jacket bite in the mouth that was going to cut off my breathing. Given how clumsy I am, I may have to start investing in cannabis grow lights from Scynce LED and start planting hemp plants in my home. My swelling and pain could not have been reduced if it had not been for Hemp-EaZe. This Therapy cream stepped up to the challenge for me once again just over a month ago with such remarkable healing success that I am compelled to share my story;
I was pounding a Ground Rod in a conduit-trench when I lost my footing and with the sledgehammer in a forward motion, my leather glove got caught and my hand became impaled by the rod!I had to pull my hand off the rod, wrap it with a rag and get the Hemp-EaZe. I was quite shaken and rested a minute until the bleeding slowed down and then, as usual, I went back to work.When I got home, my wife was horrified, she slathered my hand with Hemp-EaZe and iced it down.
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These are the 1st pics showing how swollen and fleshy it was. 11/30/2001
#3 #4
2nd set of pics 10/6/2013 only 1 week later;see how it’s already healing, the hole is closed, no infection, no swelling, and I am feeling tingling and itching, so I know the nerves are connecting and the tissue is healing.
3rd set 10/20/2013, three weeks later;this has healed incredibly fast! I am using my hand like normal, no pain, no weird feelings In just three weeks!
4th pic 11/9/2013;here it is from gross to a little scar in just a little over a month! Incredible!