Pretty amazing burn healing results!!!

From Jacob Lemanski

Super late but here is a pretty awesome testimonial for your product and really makes me a raving fan! No pictures of the sunburn from my last order but this is much better. Funny story but over the summer I was preparing my quartz nail for a dab, at the moment I’m putting into my lap my cat jumps up onto my lap and knocks my hand which made the hot nail fall onto my bare stomach because I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I used what I had left of the original therapy cream for half the healing process and then the body care lotion to finish it off.


(1st 2 pics)

That was on 8/11. Unfortunately, I was in so much pain, never went to the hospital or doctor and only used your two products to assist with this wound but I was unable to stop bubbling, it was absolutely disgusting, so much so that in my mental state I didn’t think to document it. Eventually, it turned black and I started to ease up on the cream to dry it out


then – (3rd pic 4th 5th)

First, two is seven days after the accident.


(pics 6,7,8,9,10,11)

Then- 12 days later

I will send a 5 almost 6-month update. I don’t know much about burns but based on my research it seemed pretty bad because it was painless except for the surrounding area that wasn’t burned as much, bubbled up grossly and turned black. Pretty amazing healing results!!!

Happy Sunday

The funny thing is that the most damaged parts were the spots that didn’t hurt which makes it even more interesting because of the exceptional healing of the burn. you sure can!

Taken just now, 5 months and 18 days later!

And I actually stopped treating it once it “healed” so who knows how much better it may have turned out with consistent aftercare.

So my technique on that burn was I actually kept it moist with the cream, didn’t let it dry out, was lightly massaging it for the first couple of days until it bubbled. Even then though I lightly kept applying the cream, even in the bubbles up, even when it turned black and once I felt like it was beginning to scab is when I started letting it dry out considerably more but still a couple applications a day. I was lucky that I wasn’t working then so I didn’t have to wear a shirt or clothes for that matter that would have rubbed up against it and couldn’t even use a sheet to cover myself over it while sleeping so plenty of fresh air. It looks so clean and pink in That picture because I actually was peeling away the scab so that way I could put cream in the freshly formed skin.

I even use the one with honey for fresh cuts to help stop the bleeding so plenty of uses!!!

Take care of yourself!  Have Hemp-EaZe™ around in case of an emergency burn!