Questions about using Hemp-EaZe™


Common questions about using Hemp-EaZe™

~Darcy Stoddard

Many ask if using Hemp-EaZe™ will show up on a drug test or worry about possessing it. Rest assured, the answers are NO! Hemp-EaZe™ has No THC; In 2008 Hemp-EaZe™ was included in a Cannabis study, after thorough testing it was determined that cannabis root did not contain THC. However, if you want to make sure, you could look at ordering a peace of mind testing kit from somewhere such as this drug testing Honolulu service, or others locations available, that can allow you to test the results of your blood privately.

Then Hemp-EaZe™ was tested again in Australia; Federal Police Return Hemp-Eaze™ Balm After Raid In November last year. “I was raided by the Australian Federal Police, After 4 long months of battling, I have just had returned to me 13 tubs of Hemp-Eaze™ balm that were seized in that raid.” This is a significant step forward for Australia and cannabis activism in this country. The hemp-Eaze was tested by the AFP in an independent lab and tested negative for THC. hemp-Eaze is made from the roots of cannabis sativa and several other herbs. By:Mark Heinrich

But another example to ease your fears is this; unlike the smoked and/or ingested form, it’s legal to acquire and posses Hemp-EaZe™ without a doctors recommendation. “The Fifth Appellate District of the California court of Appeals ruled in 1973 (People v. Vargas) because of the suspension in isopropyl alcohol or oils and waxes, the intoxicants can not be consumed, therefore not controlled by the Substance Abuse Act. We use Oils and Bees wax.


Will the cream become hot like Ben Gay or Tiger Balm? No, there is no pungent odor. Many feel a slight tingling and warmth, as the herbs work their magic,but it will be comfortable and soothing.

Does it smell? There is Sage, Lavender, Hyssop, Mints, California Bay, etc. that by themselves have a strong scent, but combined in the Hemp-EaZe™ formula it creates a softer scent thats comfortable enough for man or woman. a slight Earthy scent that soon dissipates.

How long will it take before it works? There are several things to consider, like how sever is the problem. Generally you feel comfort within 15 minutes. But to rehabilitate a severe problem, you must give it time to heal. For my shattered leg bone and broken ankle it took 6 months of daily Hemp-EaZe™ treatments to completely heal. Working with herbs is a gentler process, working as a synergy with your body they help to awaken the body’s own natural healing abilities. You’ll soon find that you’ are using less Hemp-EaZe as the healing process advances.

How long does it last? Many people agree that they rub it on before bedtime and are good to go the next morning.

Can I eat it? Well, it won’t hurt you to eat it. As pungent as some of the herbs are, I wouldn’t imagine it tasting very good, However the alkaline contained in the comfrey and hemp root may upset the stomach if taken in large amounts, so we don’t recommend it.

It feels greasy, will it stay greasy? Actually no. It’s formulated to be easily absorbing with the body’s own warmth, yet leaving a nice moisturizing non-greasy shield.

What is the shelf life for the Hemp-EaZe™ cream? We are testing that now, with an original jar we’ve had sitting on a shelf for 8 years now and its still good. However conditions vary with the environment they are stored in, remember this is an organic product. too much heat, humidity, even contaminants on a person’s finger could effect the products.

There’s only 2 ounces in a jar of Therapy Cream, that doesn’t seem like much. You’d be amazed at how economical it is. A little goes a long way. Most of the time all you will only need is a finger-tap full, because it spreads nice and thin. Even with daily use a jar full can take months to use up. You may find this product lasts even longer if you combine using it with other cannabis products from a website like buy my weed online.

What is the best way to apply? You can apply it right out of the jar. Also suggested, keep a jar in the refrigerator and try applying cold to; Sunburns, burns, swollen joints, and bruising. Or try warmed; ease aches and sore muscles Stiffness and pain. You can feel the healing as it penetrates.

How do you warm it? Place a small amount of Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream or Balm or Salve, on a small saucer or pyrex bowl and warm on a coffee cup warmer. Or use a ceramic potpurrie-type warmer with a tea candle under it. You just need it gently warm it slightly, when the cream begins to melt, remove the bowl from heat and let it continue to melt. This way you are assured not to burn yourself and protect the healing potency.

Sounds like snake oil. How could Hemp-EaZe™ possibly do all of the things it claims? We took 9 tried and true medicinal herbs and are using the best healing potentials of them all together. But to be sure that these experiences were solid, and not just occasional happenings, I began a series of test market studies, for three years, with volunteers from across the country. We offered it to Arthritis suffers, chemo patients, people with old injuries and new. Volunteers reported that our cream relieved; painful scar tissue, sprains, broken toes, psoriasis and fibromyalgia. It healed infected tattoos, restless leg syndrome and more. At one point, I was told that the cream healed diaper rash in an hour!

Not only can you find many scientific facts about the herbs we use but also there are many testimonials from Hemp-EaZe™ users themselves all over the internet.

What if it gets in my eyes? You will feel a slight warmth, just flush out with water. I’ve used the cream and the root oil to treat eye irritations with no side effects.

Can I use multiple products together? Yes, one will not interfere with the other.

How Long do I rub it in for? Give the cream a good 15 sec. rub to make sure the skin has absorbed it.

How often should I use it? Hemp-EaZe™ gives comfort, so use as often as needed. I usually use it three times a day.