A happier note for the day…

On a happier note for the day……Bill and I have been decorating the outside of our new AG room with rusty stuff. Our ‘Cocina del la Madera’ (kitchen of the woods)  Bill places our old broken scale up on the beam to finish the ‘look’.


It only took two days for a robin to claim it as her residence! We’ve just got Mother Nature’s approval!


It doesn’t seem to mind the music that I’ve been blasting inside while I’m grinding Lavender flowers, but Bill has decided to postpone finishing our loading dock until after she’s done and the babies are gone. I’ll see if I can sneak a picture of them before they leave the nest. 🙂


Hello I’m back! We see that the Robin is now feeding her babies, and wanted to take a picture to share!

We had to place a ladder up next to the nest. Then we waited a day for her to settle down. So today I ran up the ladder and quickly took pictures before Momma returned, a little fuzzy, but there’s 2 of them and an unhatched egg still.

img 1115 img 1116