Years ago I had a simple fall

Years ago I had a simple fall, but where I dislocated my ankle and shattered 3” of leg bone. A year after surgery I still only had 10% of movement and the nerve pain was awful. The advice the doctor gave was unexceptable, and from there Hemp-EaZe™ was born.

Back in 1983 my children and I started a little business where we had a booth and sold refreshments at the local fairs.

it was a fun experience.

Anyway so after I healed myself with my herbal formula and having been stuck in the house, with a walker, for over a year, I was anxious to get out. Bill and I thought it would be a blast to break out the booth supplies and do the Paul Bunyan fest up in the Sierras Near Mt. Lassen. And the 4th of July week-end is the anniversary of that wonderful time!

Not only did I pack and haul boxes and stuff but I was on my feet 12 hours a day! Just a little message with Hemp-EaZe™ and the ankle was soothed!. I also rubbed it in to the bottom of my feet ahhhh. We attended many fairs traveling like a caravan behind the bands, and Hemp-EaZe™ was with us always.