The ROOT has a Long history of medicinal usage

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19 years ago when I was Looking for information on the healing benefits of cannabis ROOT,

I became aware that, although the stem, flower, seeds, and leaves have received an enormous amount of attention which you can Read more here about if you would like additional information on the laws and other aspects surrounding the other parts of the plant. But almost nothing, so far, had been published about the ROOTS!

Much of the information that I did find, was a casual mention in Ancient History.

For example, I found that some Appalachian remedies for arthritis and pain, included hemp ROOT, and indeed some more modern companies have taken this idea to make the best cbd cream they can.

In the past 30 years, more then 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the cannabis plant. Still they continually leave out the ROOT in their studies. Yet people have been incorporating cannabis ROOTS into medicine for thousands of years.

dioscorides The ROOT has Long history of medicinal usage

• The first recorded use of cannabis ROOT as medicine dates back to roughly 2700 BCE in Shennong pên Ts’ao ching. Translated as The Classic of Herbal Medicine, this ancient Chinese text mentions that cannabis ROOT was a remedy for pain relief. Dried and ground up to form a paste, the treatment was frequently used for broken bones.

• In 79 CE, the Roman historian Pliny the Elder wrote in Naturalis Historia that cannabis ROOT was boiled in water for joint cramps, gout, and acute pain relief.

• In the early 18th century, English physician William Salmon echoed these claims with a cannabis ROOT and barley mixture for treating sciatica and pelvic joint pain. Needless to say, using cannabis ROOTS is in our own ROOTS.

We have learned the ROOT has Liver-protecting properties

• While the research is limited, in 1971 it was determined that ethanol extract of cannabis ROOTS contain friedelin. Considered to be an antioxidant, friedlin is thought to have hepaprotective (liver-protecting) properties.

We found that the ROOT Reduces Inflammation

• Up to the turn of the 20th century, physicians in the United States recommended decoctions of hemp ROOT for treating inflammation. Their secret? It may have to do with the fact that cannabis ROOTS contain several pentacyclic triterpene ketones. These compounds are praised for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

The ROOT Eradicates cancer cells

• The pentacyclic triterpene ketones in cannabis ROOTS are also thought to cause apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in cancer cells. Though the research is minimal, cannabis ROOTS may prove to possess effective cancer-fighting properties.

The ROOT Promotes healthy cell membranes

• Cannabis ROOTS are also shown to have small quantities of choline. Water-soluble, choline is believed to be an essential dietary nutrient that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine – vital to the development and maintenance of healthy cell membranes.

The ROOT has Strain-specific treatment options

• Cannabis ROOTS may also have varying properties depending on strain. We have noticed differences in the caricature of different strains and their growing environment, some are stubby and others have long thin tendrils that spread out passed the sun leaf growth. We are now isolating the strains and testing them to see if there are any significant differences to the healing benefits topically and although we still have a lot to learn, the potential for future remedies could be endless.

Cannabinoids present in the ROOT ?

• Cannabis ROOTS contain trace quantities of cannabinoids. The concentration is minimal in comparison to buds or flowers but compounds such as CBD are existent in the ROOTS. But don’t worry, they are so minuet they won’t show up on a test.

The ROOT is Used to stop bleeding

• Cannabis ROOTS can be used as an anti-hemorrhagic to stop bleeding. This was particularly useful for post-partum bleeding after childbirth in the ancient world. We have used our Therapy cream to stop the bleeding on our selves, our dogs, cats and even chickens, works great.

The ROOT Soothes inflamed, burned, or irritated skin

• Great for troubled skin! You may want to try applying cannabis ROOT. The Greek medical writer Oribasius wrote that cannabis ROOT could be used for treating skin eruptions. Cannabis ROOTS have shown to be effective for treating a variety of skin conditions with many of our Hemp-EaZe users to include eczema, psoriasis, sever burns, and rashes.

Cannabis ROOTS contain a rich source of medicinal properties and may be far more valuable than we realized. In fact, their properties could be so valuable that many people may decide to see if any dispensaries have access to the cannabis ROOT, so they can make the most out of these benefits. However, as this is a new revelation, many dispensaries are unlikely to have this type of access, but places like this san diego dispensary have a wide array of different products and special promotions that can be utilized in the meantime to improve your wellbeing. But make sure you keep an eye out for the ROOT in the future. After all, we’ve hardly scratched the surface of knowing what the ROOT truly has to offer.


We must try to lift the restrictions off of hemp ROOT, so that more studies and research can be implemented. It is time to reinstate the lowly little ROOT back to it’s formidable position, as a primary healing herb….And we are leading the way!