greenoilHemp-EaZe™ Hemp Root & Lavender Massage Oil is the Original Hemp root oil. Droplets of this oil massaged deeply into the skin will break up the blockage and stiffness by reducing swelling, easing pain and rejuvenating the circulation, taking that edgy-stressed feel away and leave you with a calmer and slightly more serene demeanor. This is just one of the many forms of cannabis you can take to ease any tensions you may be feeling. You can either choose to consume through oils or you may turn to the dark side of the moon strain to smoke instead, either way do your research into the best method of consumption for you.

Droplets of this oil heals scar tissue, burns, rash, and encourages cellular growth. Soothing for dry skin, leaving it silky smooth. Droplets of this oil revitalizes the skin and muscles. It’s soothing nourishment and your muscles get some potent and well-deserved replenishment. Rub right into the area that hurts. You might feel gentlewarmth in your tissues. The pain can subside in just a few minutes.

Droplets of this oil will relieve the pain of an ear ache. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, oil of lavender is one of the only oils that may be safely applied topically undiluted. When using Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Lavender Oil for earaches apply a small amount with an eye dropper to the outer ear and rub gently.

Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp ROOT Oil for strain, stress, and headaches. This oil will ease the tension in our Temples, necks and heads…allowing the headache to abate and go away.

Here is a list of many more benefits;

Bee Stings: Apply a drop or two of Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil directly to a Bee Sting to relieve both the pain and itching of the sting.

Burns: For minor burns; run cold water on the burn to cool it, then add a few drops of Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil directly to the burn. Feel the immediate soothing effects !

Circulation: Lavender and hemp root have been shown to aid in circulation issues. You can soak in a Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil bath with several drops in your bath water.

Apply Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil as a soothing remedy for Dermatitis. Use regularly for relief from this. However, those who suffer from perioral dermatitis, which is characterized by a red rash around the mouth, might need to find something more effective.

Eczema: Apply Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil directly to eczema for relief from both the itching as well as smoothing out the dry scaly skin resulting from eczema.

Immunity: Regular use of Lavender Oil and hemp Root cream have been shown to improve the bodies immune system. Healthy immune system – healthy person! Massage regularly with Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil.

Insect Bites: Place drop of Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil on a bite or sting for immediate relief from the pain and itching caused by insect bites, repeat as necessary until gone.

Joint Pain: After a good body massage with Hemp-EaZe Lavender & Hemp Root Oil Add a few drops to your bath water, not just for the relaxation benefits but also to relieve stiff and sore joints. Lay back, relax and feel the pain slip away.

Pain Relief: Add several drops of Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Lavender Massage Oil to your massage and feel the relief from pain caused from a plethora of ailments including arthritis, tense muscles, sunburn and more.

Rashes: Combine a few drops of Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Lavender Massage Oil relieve variety of rashes. It can relieve the itching, reduce the inflammation and begin the process of healing that nasty rash.

Think about it. If you experience relaxation, tension relief, a calming effect and reduce your stress level, surely the level of peace within your immediate surroundings will have a positive effect in your life!

Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Lavender Massage Oil is the Original root oil available to use I also massage the oil into my face and neck for that ‘youthful’ appearance