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Rightsidbar420mag420 Magazine’s editor, reviews the Hemp-EaZe™ Embrace Tea

Last but not least, is the herbal bath remedy, Embrace Tea. Like most kids, I hated bathes when I was younger. As I’ve matured and arthritis has become a part of daily life, I see the experience in a whole new light. In fact, it’s often the most helpful thing I can do to ease my worst aches and pains. Typically, I use Epsom salts to help alleviate these aches, but I was excited to try Hemp-Eaze Embrace Tea to see how it compared to my tried-and-true routine. Making the tea involves boiling a quart of water, removing from heat and letting the Embrace Tea bag steep in the hot water for 20 minutes. After, you simply poor the tea (bag and all) into your bath. The smell as the tea steeps is wonderful and calming – it smells natural and a bit antiseptic, but overall extremely pleasant. As a remedy for aches and pains, it performed excellent, leaving me feeling relaxed and with significantly less pain. I really like the Embrace Tea, more so than my tried and true Epsom salts, but the process of steeping it adds a little time to the process, so it’s good to plan accordingly.

Overall Impressions: Hemp-Eaze is a very nice niche of cannabis root healing products. If you are concerned for the environment, and care about true organic processes than the Hemp-Eaze line is right up your alley. Best of all, the products seem to work extremely well, and the many testimonials on their website support my own findings. They have found a way to tap into the natural therapeutic properties of the cannabisroot, a part of the plant with a healing history and a lot of potential but (wrongly) oft-overlooked for it’s medicinal benefits. While I prefer some of their products to others, all seemed to perform as advertised and my own skepticism has been pleasantly put to rest. The saying “a little goes a long ways” really applies with the Hemp-Eaze line, and even a small container will provide you with many applications.

My favorite product overall? Probably the Original Therapy Cream, which is the first product I recommend to friends when asked. The Embrace Bath Tea is incredibly soothing and effective, as well. Happily, after using them these past few months I continue to use and appreciate them all.

Reviewed by 420 Magazine Staff Writer – Xlr8 November 24, 2013