Your CBD Source Reviews Hemp-EaZe™ Body Care Products

We have been testing the Hemp-Eaze™ family of products over the past few months and here is a review.


Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter

Hemp-EaZe Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter

Hemp-Eaze Hemp Root and Honey Deep Healing Body Butter is a fantastic product that really moisturizes and soothes dry skin. It is made from a 98% Hemp Root Extract with only other ingredients being olive oil and natural bees wax. I have been using lotions for years and nothing have had the effect that this “butter” has managed to achieve. I rubbed it into a dry spot on my foot that I thought would NEVER heal – two weeks later and you cannot see it or feel it. Also, IT LASTS!! After using the “butter” for just two weeks I was able to take three days off until I wanted to re-apply. Not that I needed to…it’s just that good.


Hemp-EaZe™ The Original Therapy Cream

Next up – Hemp-Eaze Therapy Cream. This cream spreads nicely and works well to relieve pain in joints and muscles. I hurt myself pretty bad my overworking my ankle. I had been trying everything until I tried this. It is suggested that you warm a little of this cream over a candle or heat source until gently heated. Doing this added to the general feeling of well being in my sprained ankle and also worked quickly to bring down the swelling. Honestly, I knew it worked well…but I didn’t know how well until I really hurt myself and needed to find a solution.


Hemp-EaZe™ Soothe & Protect Body Care Lotion

Finally – Hemp-Eaze Soothe and Protect Body Care Lotion. We spent the afternoon grilling out and getting some sun. A little too much sun. The next day I was itchy and burned. I tried the usual aloe and it was good, but temporary. I decided to reach for this lotion and it was AWESOME!! I spread it all over my burned skin and it was soothing AND smelled GREAT! The lotion also made my skin feel super smoothe and silky.

Thanks Darcy and the folks at Hemp-Eaze/Tierra Sol Farm!

Your CBD Source LOVES your products! 🙂 One love!!

Shelley Furgason comment

This is why it is such a joy to work with Darcy Stoddard and Hemp-Eaze™! People from all over the world let her know just what Hemp-Eaze is doing for them. No big budget advertising blitz with flourishing campaign slogans… Just Real People with Real Results!