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Review By Amanda Carter

I am proud to say that I have been a part of the Hemp Eaze craze since the first 7-herb recipe hit the market and made headway as the best thing a person can have in their medicine cabinet. Now, I can add an extra layer of pride to my mind as one of the first lucky people who got to sample the newest line of Hemp Eaze products: Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter.

Hemp-Eaze has so far been one of the my favorite items to have around my home, as it has so many uses and is completely non-toxic and thc-free. Anything that has hemp-root in it, has the powers of antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and cell rejuvenating properties (just to name a few). It can replace just about any topical medicine that you’ve previously used and won’t even cost you a tenth of what you spent on everything else.

The new Hemp Root and Honey Body Butter is Darcy Stoddard’s newest genius, which she came out with just in time for Seattle Hempfest’s 20th anniversary protestival. It is there that I finally got to meet Mrs. Darcy in person for the very first time, and receive my sample of the best body butter I’ve ever used. And since I’ve had a few weeks to use the new Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter, I’d like to share with you the great ways I have found to use this great new product.

Fighting Fungal Diaper Rashes

My newborn son managed to contract a fungal diaper rash after spending a weekend at his grandparents house, and that put everyone in the house on high alert. We had a doctor look at it during his 2 week check up, and she said that he needed a special anti-fungal cream to be applied three times a day.

I was worried though, as most prescription creams are harsh and definitely not non-toxic, and that worried me. So when I realized that I had the new Hemp Root and Honey Hemp-Eaze in my hands, I realized I had an alternative option. It came in especially handy when I noticed that my little infant got really upset when the doctor prescribed cream was applied to his little behind. They assured me that it wouldn’t sting or hurt, but I imagine it didn’t feel good to him, and it certainly didn’t seem to be helping things clear up very quickly.

Yet, when I applied the Hemp-Eaze Hemp & Honey cream, he would immediately calm down a bit and within a few days the rash started to get better and better. So we began to use the cream with every diaper change and have some well spent “nakey” time to get air to the rash, and within less than a week, the fungal rash that had everyone worried, was now gone. The tube of anti-fungal cream from the doctor is still barely used, sitting in a cupboard.

Stretch Marks

My first son really did in my stomach when it comes to stretch marks, and I never really found anything all that effect for clearing them up. So when I started to notice my stretch marks stretching from my second pregnancy, I thought to use the new body butter on my old and new stretch marks. I can tell you that though they are not gone yet, I am definitely going to invest in another jar of the hemp root and honey body butter, just so that I can continue applying the body butter every day, since my stretch marks have already started to get lighter.

Surgical Incisions

It was while applying the body butter to my stretch marks that I considered the idea of applying the body butter to my fresh c-section incision. It had been red and sore for more than a week, and avoiding any infections has been at the top of my list. From what I hear, having to heal an incision like that from any infections, is a horrible ordeal and I definitely don’t want to go down that road. So while putting the butter on my stretch marks, I remembered that I had already used the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of hemp-eaze on my son’s rash, and that the hemp root has cell building properties, I decided to apply some to my incision.

I don’t use it daily, but I can tell you that my doctors were amazed at how quickly and how well my fresh incision was healing. The looks on their faces was nearly indescribable. I’ve continued to use the body butter and have yet to worry about any infections or other problems.

Foot Edema

After having a c-section, my feet swelled up like gigantic marshmallows from all the fluids they pumped into me. It was not only unsightly, it was painful. My feet barely fit into my shoes and if I didn’t spend most of my day off my feet, my skin ballooned out even further. Even when I did stay off my feet most of the day, it still wasn’t very much relief. I started to get desperate to find some way to make the liquid swelling go down.

I talked to my doctor, who could only prescribe me a medication that I’m allergic to. I tried applying ice and heat to my swollen feet. I soaked myself ankle deep in cold bathwater. Nothing seemed to be worked. It wasn’t until I realized I had the new hemp-eaze on my desk, that a solution had been staring me in the face. Especially since hemp root is known to be great for inflammation, swelling and edema. So I stopped taking the massive doses of ib profen they were giving me, and started applying the body butter to my feet and ankles every night. I can’t say that it took it all away, but it certainly made my feet stop pulsing and feeling like they would burst from all the built up fluids.

I had learned the the edema could normally last up to 6 weeks, yet to my excitement, the majority of my edema had gone after a week and a half, and was completely gone within another week.

Want to try some?

If you’re interested in learning more about Hemp-Eaze and the new Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter, you can go to the hemp-eaze website. I keep regular tabs on the website, as they often have discounts that are well worth taking advantage of.