The Great Hemp-EaZe Facial Test

Hemp-EaZe for Aging Skin or The Great Hemp-EaZe Facial Test

My  friend, Barbi and I were sitting around just chatting, when Barbi said, “Wouldn’t it be great if Hemp-EaZe was the NEW miracle wrinkle cream?” Hemp-EaZe as a beauty aid?….hmmm, I pondered.

All these years of researching into the healing benefits of the Hemp-EaZe formula, I’ve been focused on the medicinal, so it didn’t occur to me to consider it as a beauty aid.

“Well”, I offered, “It does reduce swelling and rejuvenates the circulation. Hemp-EaZe cools down hot and red skin and eases Rosacea.” But just then many happy Hemp-EaZe user comments came into mind.” In Fact my neighbor uses the Therapy cream under her eyes to rid the puffiness!” I shared excitedly. Then I remembered more. ” I was told by one regular customer that the cream helped grow her eye lashes longer!”

I continued, “Also we’ve had testimony on how well the Therapy cream has purged toxins from the skin, leaving the skin smooth and healthy.”

Barbi jumped up with a plan. “Let’s do a facial test!” she suggested. ” Let’s test the cream on one side of our face, the side we write with, Let’s do a 14 day test!” then she added, “we’ll take some before and after pictures, same time of day, so they’re won’t be any shadows.”  We planned to apply the cream morning and night.

I agreed and The Great Hemp-EaZe Facial Test Began!

First thing I was concerned with was the creams consistency. I formulated it to be massaged in deeply so it’s heavier than most facial creams. But as I rubbed it in my body temperature softened it and it absorbed nicely. There was a sheen to my skin that faded within 10 minutes leaving no residue. within days I noticed that my skin was pink and lively. By the 10th day I was amazed, you COULD see a difference! The lines were less noticeable, softer skin and tighter too.

Is Hemp-EaZe the new miracle cream? Why not Try the GREAT HEMP-EaZe FACIAL TEST and see.

Please share the results, we’d love to hear from you.