Canna Root King shares his Story About how Hemp- EaZe took his scar away

This is a great testimony!

Canna Root King wrote;

Well I was ripping off a sheet of roof sheeting when a piece of plywood slipped that had a 1/4” nail point sticking out underneath and when I pulled my hand out it ripped 1/4” groove into my skin from my wrist to the middle of my thumb nail. Luckily not taking the nail off. It bled heavily and I had this scrap, only I kept working to finish the job, so naturally this scrap filled with dirt, dry wall dust, Etc. you know.

I cleaned up the wound when I got home, rubbed Hemp-EaZe on it a few times and it healed up and I forgot about it.

So it ended up with this big long scar down my thumb.

So about 1 year and 3 months or so later, I’m rubbing a mosquito bite near the scar and my wife said, “why not use the Hemp-EaZe and help get that scar out.” So I said O.K. and I tried to rub it on 2 or 3 times a day,

I wasn’t always faithful, but it was regular. So I did it for 2 weeks or so. Over a 4” scar, I decided, as an experiment, I would leave an inch of the scar untouched, to see if there would be any difference or not. Just to see how it would  turn out.

I was amazed, I could actually see the scar disappearing,

I would rub the Hemp-EaZe Therapy cream ( The only product I need for everythnig) in a circular motion up and down

the scar from about ten minutes adding cream when needed.

All it took was two weeks! There is no indication of where the scar was!

No indentation, so redness, no line! as you can see with this picture.


And still is the same today, even after 10 years. I decided to keep the remaining scar, just so I can tell the story.

This  Cream is amazing!

scar 2