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“We came to realize, while searching for a massage cream to ease our daily aches and pains, that all healing creams are not the same. A cream that heals has to do more than just smell good, it has to heal.”

Producing a wonderful array of health products including lip balm, lotion, massage oil, tattoo ointment and even pet-aid spray, Hemp-EaZe™ gives a lasting alternative for aches and pains. Their website explains that “the chief element in restorative creams of early pharmacopoeia was hemp. Not the hemp we associate with the stereotypical 60s, but Hemp Root, containing no THC, yet was valued as the active ingredient essential to oils prescribed in both the Aramaic and Hebrew versions for the Old Testament. Hemp root, myrrh, and olive oil preparations were applied topically to alleviate swelling and joint pain, or as salves for burns.”

The most common healing herbs and ingredients found in their creams and salves include Hemp, Comfrey and Burdock Roots, Hyssop, Sacred Sage, Lavender Flowers, Lobelia leaves, California Bay Laurel, Myrrh Gum, Olive Oil and Soy Oil. Many of these herbs used in the formula are already tried and true healing herbs used back to ancient text with healing mixtures and have been revived today in the products that Hemp-EaZe™ offers. Their website is easy to use and informative, offering in-depth ingredient descriptions of each of the herbs they use including details on exactly what ailments they help. They will even send you sample of whatever product you with to try for the price the the shipping. Hemp-EaZe™ is a hemp pain relief cream that distinguishes itself from other hemp creams, claiming “Hemp creams in today’s market contain only hemp seed oil or leaf compounds. Some include alcohol, petroleum, or animal byproducts. But only Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream contains the organic, healing of Hemp Root, with a complex formula of medicinal herbs in triple strength. Its rich green collar distinguished it from a cosmetic lotion to a true healing treatment.”

Hemp-EaZe™ is rooted in ancient healing techniques. “Our specialized formula, ten years in the making, has brought Old World healing to the present. We handcraft Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream when the new moon waxes, bottling before the full moon wanes to stimulate the healing properties according to ancient teachings.”


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