Easing MRSE in spine, sciatic pain, and neuropathy

Dear Bill & Darcy,

Thank you so very much for your product. I had the chance to try this cream as a sampler. A friend went to class to work in a dispensary and gave it to me to try. Anyway I suffer from terrible nerve pain as I have MRSE in my spine. It is currently dormant but the damage is done. It has eaten through L4 and L5 which in turn caused my back to collapse down into my tail bone. So the nerves that come from the L4 and L5 region are crushed flat, which in turn causes the terrible sciatic pain as well as growing neuropathy that I currently have in both legs. However, when I use this cream it does help considerably, especially if there is a storm coming. I actually need 6 operations but due to the MRSE I cannot have any invasive surgery unless it is life threating. Unfortunately, I need both knees replaced along with my right hip and both my rotator cuffs are torn on both shoulders. That’s not counting the mess that is in my back. Trust me the cream does help. It doesn’t take away all the pain, nothing does but it does calms the nerve pain and helps with all the arthritis.

Thank You Very Much,

Dennis R. Martineau