Hemp-EaZe helps the healing process

John Ruff, wrote;

Thank you again. Therapy cream worked last yr when I had a 10″ titanium rod surgery put into left humerus after a bad fall living in Key West  for yrs.  Now just moved to Phoenix, Az to care give parents and had a “reverse  shoulder replacement”  surgery on rt shoulder. Time for some good ole  Hemp Eaze therapy. You guys are the best.

Received my products eatlier this week. Thank you so very much. Shoulder is loving the extra needed help ((especially since phys therapy has begun ). So with Therapy Cream working the incision and the deep tissues involved with the reverse shoulder replacement all are happy campers.

Also the Soothe n Protect body lotion , and Lip Balm are very soothing. I hadnt experienced those two items previously. Im very happy to be back with my HempEaze family of products to help usher my ole experienced body, and mind, through and onto the next journey .

Aint life grand. Have a great 4th of July weekend. And hey, take some time off and kick it back.

Thanks Darcy and Bill.

                             John A. Ruff

Retired Exec. Sous Chef of the” Grand Cafe Key West.”. Now healing and re-grouping in the southwest Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Go figure