Migraine Relief

Janie Miller-Saylor shared a link to the group: Migraine Rant Support Group.

First off, please feel free to post your migraine story!

I want to let you know there’s a couple of products I’ve tried that have helped me somewhat, they’re additional things to try in my migraine toolkit!

One of them is over the counter and sold only at Walmart, it’s called Stopain Migraine, this is a gel that you use on the back of the neck. I also used it on my throat too because my glands get swollen when I have a migraine.

This product contains menthol and a few herbals. If you go to Stopain Migraine website there is usually a $2 coupon you can print!

Please note: make sure NOT to use this product on your temples, forehead or anywhere near your eyes.

The other product I order by mail, it’s called Hemp Eaze. This product is a balm and I do use it on my eyelids and temples, neck and throat. You know the eye pressure we get with the migraine? This product helps relieve that!

This is product will help all kinds of different booboos! Muscle aches, sprains, joint pain, arthritis, healing burns… The list goes on! It contains cannibis root, burdock root, comfrey root, hissop leaves, sacred sage, lavender flowers, lobelia, California bay, and myrrh gum.

If you wish to check out Hemp Eaze www.hemp-eaze.com please let Darcy know in the special notes section that I sent ya!