Friends Helping Friends with Hemp-EaZe

Susan Grant Jones

Well I just ordered my second jar. I wish I could afford the gallon size lol but I am using it all over and all over is a somewhat large space again lol. I also,have a friend who has placed a order after using some of mine. Another friend who has MS was sitting here at the table making safer shirts and she had a hurting calf (leg) and put some on hit it with the heating pad and within 10 minutes she all of a sudden hollered omg it’s not hurting. It was a hoot. All of a sudden she realized her pain was gone. Glad their was no hidden camera cause we were a needless to say she will also be placing a order after Christmas….I shared with her and will give her some more with this order…that is what friends do and you my new friend have really helped me out.  I want you to be aware what a happy customer I am. Looking forward to getting my,new jar….take,care and peace and love to you all.

 Folks if you are like me in a state where we can’t legally use MM these wonderful folks have hemp based products and they are wonderful, with no THC!…..they will assist you with anything you need. You just give em a holler and they will holler right back..they are so wonderful and have made my life a whole lot better. So give em a holler.

Well the truth is that I could hardly get out of bed in the am until I started using your cream. Now it’s hurts a lot less. So I will holler from the top of the hill…I love hemp eaze