Discussing Back Pain

I receievd the sample. I am trying it now thank you. so far it is good for my lower back pain, but not so much for muscle aches. Still hoping.


Hi Don,

Thank you.Well, I can tell you that Hemp-EaZe is not like ‘Ben-gay’ but with regular use, But I’ll tell you what I did;

To begin with I got a ceramic little tea candle warmer thing and put a small amount of cream in it          ( about 1/8 tsp) then I warmed it, slightly ( not too much or you’ll burn yourself.) I dipped my fingers into the bowl and massaged t in deeply and kept dipping and rubbing. I found places I didn’t know that hurt. I did it often, every time I wanted comfort, it’s a good comfort cream. Later, I would do it three times a day. Then, I was applying it once, a good rub in before bedtime. That’s what helped me.

Hi folks, I am heating it and applying, I really do like the relief for the arthritic lumbar spine, thanks so much

D.j. wrote: “See that’s why we call it Pain Therapy…, if you can still feel it you probably aren’t dead, Lol! No worries, I have plenty of Hemp Eaze Tattoo balm, and a special “Baby & Me” spray they make to help with any potential discomfort:)”


Thank you! Very excited! 🙂 Told some friends and family about your company. Your products so far are amazing! I have experienced wonderful results! Looking forward to trying them all!