your product sure is Heaven

Hello Bill & Darcy,

I know I have written in the past telling you how much your Hemp-EaZe product helps. However, I must share this with you.

As you may remember I have MRSE in the spine and several disks are well………gone. My back has literary collapsed about 5” crushing several major nerves in the process. Unfortunately, this causes some very unique and very intense pain at times. One in particular is what happens sometimes to my right calf. You see the sciatic nerve, being crushed, tells the other nerves to make my calf muscle twist into a large knot; as you may imagine the pain can be quite intense. Before your cream I would have to bear the agony, which could last upwards of 30 minutes or more. Well last night around 1:30 or so in the morning it happened again; it usually happens at night. I had my fiancé grab the new jar of cream that just came in and after rubbing the cream from my lower back down to the calf it actually stopped it within a minute. As I said earlier this use to last from several minutes to upwards of 30 minutes or more but not with your Hemp-EaZe cream.

Just as an FYI I started using your cream daily since I bought the small jar back in July. Now I am using the big jar that came in at the end of July. I am forced to probably use more than most because I need five operations, not including my back, but due to the MRSE I cannot have any invasive surgery unless it is life threatening. So I need to use your Hemp-EaZe cream daily. I have to put it on both legs to due to neuropathy and because both knees are badly damaged. I also need to put it on my shoulders due to severely torn rotator cuffs (both shoulders and several dislodged pins floating around in the right shoulder), and of course I have my fiancé rub it on my back when possible for all the damage there.

 Nothing gets rid of all the pain but your product sure as Heaven make is less. I want to thank you both very much.

 God Bless You,

Dennis Martineau