Hemp-EaZe, Kerri Says, She Can’t get out of bed without it.

Kerri Pinkston

I LOVE This Stuff… it is nothing short of “Freaking” AMAZING. I never would have thought a topical , herbal salve, could relieve things that 125 mcg of Fentanyl + 90 mg of Percocet can’t seem to touch, but it does.

On days when I can’t get out of bed, I reach for the jar of Hemp Eaze that stays on my night stand. I apply it liberally to what ever ails me.

When I can’t make a fist because my joints are far too stiff to play guitar, I reach for a jar of hemp eaze. (I keep a Carmex container full of the stuff in my guitar case.) Within 2 minutes of rubbing this stuff into my fingers, I can play again.

I took a frying pan out of the over and grabbed firmly a hold of the metal handle about 90 seconds later… I dashed to the sink and ran cold water on the burn and once I had cooled it good, I reached for a jar of hemp eaze. I was anticipating 3rd degree burns… It didn’t even blister.