Hemp-EaZe Daily ROOT -I was itchy and burned

The other day I did an experiment before putting on my face powder I applied your cream to half my face and a hemp lotion to the other side and the hemp lotion made me break out but not the Hemp EaZe! Awesome! Hemp-Eaze Soothe and Protect Body Care Lotion. We spent the afternoon grilling out and getting some sun. A little too much sun. The next day I was itchy and burned. I tried the usual aloe and it was good, but temporary. I decided to reach for this lotion and it was AWESOME!! I spread it all over my burned skin and it was soothing AND smelled GREAT! The lotion also made my skin feel super smooth and silky. Thanks Darcy and the folks at Hemp-Eaze / Tierra Sol Farms!! Your CBD Source LOVES your products! 🙂 One love!! ~Vicki Martin


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