Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT -A personal experience, Darcy

A personal experience, My poor Cat was caught in a fire and burnt beyond recognition, His paws were bloody raw and I imagined how painful it must have been to walk on the forest floor all the way home. We were stunned on what to do. I quickly filled a wash tub with cold water and dunked the cat’s whole body into it. For a half a second his instincts on seeing the water made him clinched, but he soon relaxed. We squished the water around to loose up the charcoled hair and see if he had any injuries. We replaced the blackened water several times before we could get a clear picture.

Found simple eyedrops just borac acid and no extra ingredients. I found a tincture of valerian and goldenseal, our Hemp-EaZe™ and bandages. He took the eye drops willingly, and swallowed the tincture with no problems. Then I carefully spread our Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream on his ears, which he didn’t like. Then I smeared the cream on gauze bandages and wrapped his paws and tail end. We place him on a towel in the middle of the living room rug, with water, food, newspapers, and even an air cleaner in hopes it helped him to breath.

The next morning, hitchye was still in the same spot, but he had eaten, so that was a good sign. For the next two weeks, we followed the same routine, eye drops, tincture, and changing bandages with Hemp-EaZe. Every day there was improvement and he was an obedient patient. Poor cat must have been hurting. The valarian in the tincture helped with that, so he could sleep. While the Hemp-EaZe also helped to ease the pain with his ears and paws.

In two weeks, this nearly dead cat was following us around the house again. itchy didn’t have any infections, or complications during the healing. I credit the internal use of goldenseal, which is an excellent antibiotic. Plus the topical use of an antiseptic cream like Hemp-EaZe that helped to accelerate the healing process, and encourage cellular growth.

He lost half of his ears but now he just looks like a little lion. He’s never gained his inner eyelids and has runny eyes a lot. But his paws, tail and beautiful hair came back.

Yes itchy is our miracle cat, and he’s happy and fat. He stay close by now. And is sitting on my lap as I write this.
But since that experience I developed a spray version of our Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream, for easier application and to sink the medicine down passed the hairline called Hemp-EaZe Pet Aid. ~Darcy Stoddard


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