Our dog Buster, got into a fight and the other dog bit his face

~Darcy Stoddard – I just got this great story, It all started with a chat.

~Lisa Mona Marie – Our dog Buster, got into a fight and the other dog bit his face, so now he is in the healing process. We took him to the vet, he has staples and a draining tube in his face, that tube will come out soon. Could we use a your product on his face?

~Darcy Stoddard – oh wow! Poor baby! Gosh that looks painful! I do make a pet aid spray and antiseptic ear drops. But these injuries look like they need something stronger to fight infection and prevent scaring. I would use our Therapy Cream on these, it’s triple strength and has helped with knitting skin together quickly. Our cat was chased into a bon fire by a dog and badly burnt, now you can’t tell.

~Lisa Mona Marie – THANK YOU SO MUCH. So sorry to hear about your cat, years ago that same thing happened to our cat. She walked across the pit and got to the middle, to realize it was still hot. She only burnt her pads off her feet and vet gave us ointment to put on her paws every morning. Not easy to do. Thank you again.

~Darcy Stoddard – Yikes poor thing! If the cream gets licked off, no worries, it’s safe for consumption. A customer told me how he came home from work one day and his dog had cleaned out a brand new jar with no side effects, LOL.

~Lisa Mona Marie – -Lol, oh my must be some tasty stuff.

~Darcy Stoddard – –Some like it LOL.   Here’s our story https://hemp-eaze.com/did-i-tell-you-about-our-miracle-cat/

And then my husband experimented on a scare with great results, https://hemp-eaze.com/canna-root-king-shares-his-story-about-how-hemp-eaze-took-his-scar-away/


~Lisa Mona Marie – The hemp-eaze works wonders. Thank you so much. He is so happy again especially to get that cone off.