Therapy Cream provides relief for the toughest of problems for pet

Kerri Pinkston

I bought a bottle of this for my old mutt, Maxshadow. He was having some allergy issues early last fall, where he had chewed off a good portion of the hair on his behind. Condemned to the cone of shame for a while, I tried this spray, it helped the itch, but Max couldn’t tolerate the smell of it. (I thought at first it was the spray bottle, but even if I sprayed it in my hand first and then rubbed it on, he would still try to depart, so I decided it was the odor.) I simply shared my jar of the Hemp Eaze therapy cream and he loves those treatments. I also changed his diet, but for those couple of weeks when the itching was at it’s worst, the therapy cream brought him a lot of relief. (Helps me with my arthritic hands too.)