Contemplating the whole CBD issue.

I’ve been contemplating on the whole adding CBD issue that’s trending. ~Darcy Stoddard

And I’ve figure out why I’ve been stalling. You see, I’m a purist and I’ve been educating about the merits of the root and the other herbs I use, like mi cannabis, and keeping everything organic, etc. and educating on their healing benefits in themselves and keeping the costs down for our customers. I see that adding a CBD substance could diminished the mission, subtracting these herbs value in customers eyes, and even scare many of my seniors away. I see many of these folks on Facebook are getting all scientific wanting to know the grams, etc. filling their thirsts could be crazy and heading me further away from advancing knowledge about the root. I know now I just had to think about it a while. After all Hemp-EaZe™ works! So does many other parts of the plant and we should utilize them all

We’ve always been a fan of the Marijuana that we can find if we Click here so we did an experiment with some cbd’s. I had some close customers do a comparison, one Therapy Cream with cbd’s and one without, and all of them told me that Hemp-EaZe™ alone already healed and worked well and the one with cbd’s didn’t offer any significant improvement to warrant paying extra for it.

We are often asked, “in your view, what is the difference between the hemp root and other parts of the plant in terms of healing?” “And is there a significant amount of CBD’s in the Root?”

The differences would be that, the root is the nurturer for the whole plants health, storing and supplying all the nutrients needed. Tests have shown that It does not contain THC or CBD’s because the root doesn’t require them to support the plant. Cannabis roots are high in many beneficial compounds. Studies have found that the roots contain high amounts of terpenes, instrumental in the production of essential oils in many plants.

Friedelin is one terpene to be identified in cannabis root, and has been independently found to have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effects.

Other research has shown that the roots contain significant concentrations of alkaloids, including choline, a dietary amine that is essential for the integrity of cell membranes and atropine, a powerful alkaloid.

Cannabis root has also been found to contain other alkaloid groups known as phenolic amides and lignanamides, believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and easing pain – these effects are why many people want to use products like cbd cream if they are experiencing pain or discomfort from an injury or a health condition.

Thats why It is in the base of all our Hemp-EaZe™ products.

However we weren’t sure if we should get on the bandwagon and add CBD’s to our products. My main concern is the solvents use most of which are not organic and highly toxic, After a lot of research we found a source that used less chemicals in their preparations. Adding it to our Therapy Cream then sent it off to get analyzed.

Here’s the results from just one;

HI Darcy,

Here is my comparison and general observations.

Application: Each applies well, no difference between each. A little does go a long way.

Immediate effect: Each appear to have an immediate warming effect.

I observe and experience that each have about the same warming effect in terms of duration intensity and overall quality.

The very first time I used Hemp-EaZe™, it removed pain instantly.

At this juncture I would say that I have experienced a significant but equal degree of pain relief with each product.

After application I note an on going improved degree of flexibility in hands and feet, lower pain levels and again, warming of areas applied for several hours.


I honestly thought that I would get a higher degree of quality pain relief from the CBD infused product compared to original.

By this I mean a longer lasting, deeper pain relief.

I note that pain relief, warming, and improved flexibility are in my experience, about equal. Future desires:

I would like to see Hemp-Eaze™ in a 150 mg and 300 mg CBD infused product in the 2 oz container.

CBD as we know, does improve pain relief and assist in healing, thus the higher amount, would hopefully provide a greater degree of overall benefit long and short term.

I am not sure what is added to Hemp-Eaze™ that provides the warming but would like to see that increased so that a stronger more long lasting degree of warmth is achieved.

In the future you may want to explore the possibility of a CBD and THC infused product. ( Just sayin!) Psychological effect:

I am convinced that HEMP=EAZE™ alone provides quality pain relief. However, when looing at products online, I do believe that consumers are going to seek out at and feel good about purchasing a high quality CBD infused pain relief product.

I base this upon my reading about the overall health benefits of CBD. Conclusion:

Original Hemp-Eaze™ is a high quality product that , in my opinion exceeds claims/observations made on your websites. The CBD enhanced Hemp-Eaze™ is equal to the original, but I do not think it is any better in terms of the above comments.

As always though, if you are considering incorporating CBD into your pain relief toolkit, then I would strongly recommend doing as much research as possible. For example, if you take a look on CBD wholesale websites like, you can find plenty more information about the best products for your needs.

Anyway, I hope this helps a little!! Warm regards,


Mark C Murray

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