Hemp Root Healing Update

Hemp Root healing update
We have been working with our local Holistic health clinic in treating their neuropic patients with our Hemp-EaZe Therapy cream. The Therapists there, have been so encouraged with the results they have seen when using our hemp root based cream, that they have gone to conferences to speak about the healing properties of hemp root.
Our proprietary blend rejuvenates circulation, promotes cellular growth, and encourages deep tissue healing. The healing properties of hemp ROOT has helped with easing pain and swelling, working deep to help with Arthritis, joint pain and stiffness as well as helping with skin problems and infections. With their encouragement, the Hemp-EaZe bodycare lotion developed, using 1/4 strength Hemp root-herbal formula, we enhanced with an addition of Feverfew and Aloe. Feverfew is known for relieving such skin ailments as Rosacea. The clinic has taken on the lotion for their clinical study, using 24 patients with fabulous results. This makes the Hemp-EaZe bodycare lotion to stand on it’s own merits.
Yes, Hemp-EaZe is Healing At The ROOT of the Problem
A short bit of history; we conducted a three year market study before placing Hemp-EaZe on the market. Since then we’ve successfully helped many with their daily aches and pains for over 17 years now.