Our little creek is running so healthy

Our little creek is running so healthy today! It’s our special ‘Park’. I just love all the moss and stuff. Makes me think of Fairies and Leprechauns.

I’ve been asked if there is gold here, LOL this whole ravine was totally covered with gold panners and a stamp mill just over the hill. Just below us was a tent city Called Toad town and the deepest commercial mine 7 stories down. Behind us they were hydro mining. The ‘little beach’ right there with a bench was all a pile of tailings, which we had to pick and clean the black sand every rock and then laid them out by hand to create a flat area to enjoy. many became the retaining wall and fire pit. The pile was taller then where the bench is. We panned all that black sand and nothing. this place is probably cleaned out…However, Bill knows where an old mine was, on our property that even had tracks. He’s curious about that, except for the thought of all that digging, LOL

Before the gold rush this whole ridge top was a sanctuary in the Summer for the local Indians. They’d come up to avoid the Valley heat and rest under the pines, collecting and drying trout, pine nuts, acorns and berries for the winter. ~Darcy Stoddard