Hemp-EaZe™ Daily ROOT -Next time, from the beginning.

Thought I’d let you know…Got those two jars of Tattoo salve back at Xmas, and gave one to each of my kids for the tattoo that was also part of their present. When my daughter got hers, a week later it was itching like crazy. She hadn’t been using anything on it except the packet of A&D you get when you get tattooed, and she hadn’t put any on at all that day. I told her to go and get the Hemp-eze Tattoo stuff and put it on. She called me later that night and thanked me, because it had instantly stopped the itching and the final stage of healing had already commenced. Next time, she says she’ll use it from the beginning. ~Bo Shaffer, Longmont, CO

Tattoo2     Tattoo1