Peripheral Neuropathies – Treating Yourself, Successfully

In 2009 we began to work with James Skaug of the Chico Holistic Center in California. They applied Hemp-EaZe™ in their treatments, because of its success in reducing edema, breaking up the bruising and rejuvenating the circulation.  

One instance worth mentioning; a new patient came into the clinic and his doctor told him that the next step for his severely ulcerated feet was amputation. Feeling he had nothing to lose, he obliged to give the Holistic Center a try. 

Within three weeks of treatments, his ulcers were gone. This was due to a combination of electrolytes and regular applications of Hemp-EaZe.™ Healing at the ROOT of the Problem!

James Skaug

Darcy, I just had someone doubting that I would endorse a product like Hemp-Eaze. I not only endorse it, but I put in a page regarding it, along with its web address in one of my books. I think you have seen this before, Darcy.

It has been my experience that using Hemp Eaze alone on a Diabetic Ulcer – about the size of a nickel – does take about three weeks. However, if an increase of circulation can be added as well, as in the form of neuromuscular stimulation, (not TENS) time can be sped up to about one week; whereas, if nothing is done, several weeks are required for healing… if at all. Those who I saw who refused to use either Hemp Eaze or have neuromuscular stimulation, usually, lost their feet!


“they can be used as a conductive lotion, in addition to being a post-treatment lotion. They are great products/ but, expensive…and I do not use them – as I would have to purchase them by the gallon!

In my office, however, if I see any irritation from adhesive or electrodes, I rub a product called Hemp-EaZe™ on the area. This has both healing and soothing properties to it; and works great on rashes! in a pinch, it can be used as a Conductive Lotion too; and without any THC to worry about!

If not available in your area, it can be purchased online direct at

In fact, there are many soothing lotions on the market; but some of my patients prefer a Hydrocortisone cream can work for irritation too – and, even take a Benadryl® tablet before treatment, if they are afraid they might be allergic to the electrode adhesive.”